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Okay … here it is … the final roll from last weekend’s test run with the ETRsi & 135W back. This time … a roll of Sensia 100 cross processed. It is the first time (if I am not wrong) I’m using this film. Love the red/pink output! 😀

There are a couple of shots wasted in this roll due to my mistake. 🙁 Sometimes I get too excited and forget to switch on the metered prism … sometimes I get too excited and trip the shutter too early while I’m still trying to focus … grrr!

Hope you guys are not getting an overdose of these pano format shots. I’m gonna load some black & white film next. 😀 Well … that is if I have the time to go shooting this coming weekend.


  1. I LOVE PANOs.. keep it coming!! AWESOME SHOTS!!

  2. @wie : Thank you 🙂

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