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As part of a series of experiments done in collaboration with those guys from ThirtySix, I squeezed out a little bit of my time during the weekend to play with a Polaroid Spectra camera & two packs of film. Unfortunately the initial few shots went to heaven as the experiment didn’t turn out well. Few more shots ended up in hell because for some weird reason … the film got jammed while the camera was ejecting it. I had no choice but to take out the pack of film and shove it in again … but the camera spit out 2 (argh!!!) pieces of the film. So the shots in the first pack was basically wasted. Not 100% though. I did get some results but after messing around with the result … they joined the rest of the shots in the garbage bin.

I loaded the 2nd pack the next day and was a little more careful with what I did. Here’s one that I like and at least I can confirm this experiment works! 😀 More about how I got it done later when I get a video done.

This was done using the Impossible Project’s PZ 680 Color Shade film.

To be frank, I don’t have much patience with those emulsion lift stuffs (like that you’ll see from Noreen’s stuffs in the links below) but since I took up the challenge to experiment with these film/camera … I’ll try my best to get some decent results soon.

Check out Noreen aka Miun’s experiments here (with videos!) and here and get inspired!

I’ll go do up a video on my experiment(s) soon. Stay tuned! 😉



  1. this look damn awesome interesting leh… u using px680 color!!!!!! hahahahah

  2. @norya : Thanks. That’s inspired by your experiment videos but I suck at handling the jelly-ish transfer, so I made use of the ‘negative’. 😀 Gonna stock up some film and get proper set done for the event. Oh the film is PX not PZ? I am actually not very sure about all the IP film. Lol. I just get any, load and use. Lazy old man! 😛

  3. Can create a screen wallpaper for me?

  4. @Jer : This image was taken with a phone camera. Lol. Wallpaper for phone might work. I put the result (in the photo above) through a 2nd experiment and everything was wiped out (blank!) in the end. 😀

  5. can’t wait to see the full set :))

  6. @lawry : I can’t wait to see you kick off the exhibition with your set! Thanks for replacing me to be the first to do it. I just couldn’t find time to finish it. I am now maybe 10% away from completion. Phew! Lol.

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