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I had to clear the last 7 shots left in my Instax back attached to the LC-W as I plan to bring it along (without the Instax back) to a short trip to Hong Kong tomorrow. What I forgot was … I took out the lens attachment some months back and after two shots … wondering why it was all blur (stupid me!) … I dug the lens attachment out from the drawer and managed to get slightly decent shots outta the last 4 surviving pieces of film and 1 overexposed one. Argh!

These are a underexposed. The camera was set to ISO400 and lighting from the door/window was just so so. The screwed up shot (mentioned above) was when I tried setting it to ISO200 … and it was way overexposed. Honestly … I don’t quite like pairing the Instax back with the LC-W. Somehow I always don’t seem to able to get proper exposures all the time.

I guess I’ll feed only 35mm film to my LC-W from now on and leave the Instax Mini film to my Instax camera instead.


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  1. The photos rocks!! Really like #2 & 4!

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