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Now that the worries are over … I am happy to announce that my first roll of black & white film … developed at home … survived! I couldn’t be happier to see the film strip with images on them! I was dead worried I’ll send the roll (despite being a roll of random test shots) straight into the garbage bin.

Woke up a little earlier today … so I have a bit of time to scan some of the photos to see how they turned out …

I must admit that the ‘Massive Dev Chart’ application (on Android) helped me lots. As I am always losing concentration when trying to time stuffs … the application has this timer thingie that I can follow … and it even helps with calculation of the about of chemical to water ratio etc. Pretty handy application for lousy people like me. 😀

Of course the biggest chunk of credit still goes to Jimmy for helping me get the kit, encouraging me and teaching (and reminding) me until the last minutes before I started developing the roll.

Next … I’ll try to shoot a couple of 120 rolls and see how it goes.

Time to get my tired butt to office now. Stay tuned for the rest of the photos. Ok? 😀


  1. woooo nice.

  2. @ymmij : Thanks for all the help! Now … how much do I owe you for the kit and the dark bag?

  3. Awesome Andrew!!
    I wanna try too. seems fun.

  4. @Bone : Yeah you should try it. Ain’t really difficult. Drop by ThirtySix and get Jim to teach you (if you are a totally newbie like me). 😀

  5. Well done!

  6. Very nice shots and well developed!
    Inspiring — I’m afraid to develop my own still – maybe some day

  7. Your scans look really sharp and clean….did you scan in cleanroom environment or is it a matter of having a good scanner? Mind was crap…so much speckles…

  8. @Malkavred : Thank you.

    @Erik : Thanks. Hey you should give it a try. If I can do it … anyone else on earth can! 😀

    @Jer : Hmm. I scan my film in my study room. Not dust free I’m sure. 😀 Once in a while I’ll wipe the flatbed scanner’s glass surface as sometimes it gets dusty before scanning.

  9. I think I read from some where that coffee can be used to develop films too….

  10. @Jer : Yeah. That’s right. I think I’ll keep the coffee for my tummy though. Lol.

  11. I’m tempted to try the coffee recipe. Been following this for some time… Haven’t had the time to do it though… Maybe you can try… =P

  12. @kaxdd : Hmm … maybe someday soon … I’ll … try … it. 😀

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