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Not sure if I’ll live to see tomorrow after posting some of these images that has the face of an iconic Lomographer here in Singapore. Hehehehe! Hahahaha! She’ll definitely turn up at my door in an hour or so with a chainsaw after seeing these … therefore this might just be my last blog post.

Anyway … to prolong my life a little … here are some ‘safer’ photos I took yesterday after an appointment with the dentist. I actually shot a roll of IR black & white film but I screwed up … so what’s left is this roll of Lomo infrared 100 film and also a roll of unfinished T64 one.

* you’ll see slightly larger images by clicking on the thumbnails at the bottom of this post

It has been quite a while since I’ve shot with film … and this somehow serves as a ‘comeback roll’ for me. It was a little crazy trying to shoot a plane in the air with a 75mm lens but I think I love the result. 😀

It was a super duper ultra hot day and we forgot to bring along some drinks. To make things worse … the only drinks vending machine we saw … was not in service. Hot it was but we had beautiful blue sky with lovely clouds. Worth the sweat I guess.

I love this following photo. Somehow I think I took one too many photos of this tree. I remember having photos of this tree in my other (unfinished) roll too. If you wondering about the pano format … these were shot using my Bronica ETRSi with a 35mm back.

Okay … time to die. Hahaha! I’m sure many of you here in Singapore know her. If you don’t … please drop by ThirtySix at Sunshine Plaza to say a big hello to her … and tell her she looks beautiful in these photos (please … save me!) … and perhaps buy some cameras and film from them. 😉

Ermm … *cough* *cough*

Ermm … mwuahahaha! She suddenly jumped for her Spinner and I was a little slow trying to (manual) focus. Luckily the results is still … ermm … okay. Muwahahahha! I’m … so … so … dead!

Gotta go get some rest and wait for this beautiful model (last attempt to save my butt) to come knocking with a chainsaw.

Good nite!

Oh … one last request. If you are gonna comment on this post … please don’t forget to mention how beautiful this Singapore Lomo idol is ok? I don’t wanna die just yet. 🙁


  1. I like your new hair Cin! And Ndroo.. The pictures sure look hot!

  2. UNKER NDROO!!! NEVER DIE BEFORE AH!!!!! AHahahHAHAhaaa…… my jumping shot looks hilarious! And since when you took so many shots of me!!! LOL!!!!

  3. @irorus : Hey it’s been a while. How’s life? Yeah hot coz of the model. Right? 😉

    @cyanwater : You made me pose for your Spinner so often … So when I was posing … I accidentally tripped the shutter.

  4. Hey…

    Nice shots, I really like the one with the tree branches.

    Beautiful model. Hah. And if anything, I think your shots of cyanwater came out pretty well. I mean how often do we have a behind-the-scenes look at what we’re doing when we’re so busy behind the camera.:)

    Your life, will be spared. hehe.

  5. Great shot!

  6. @Shawn : Thank you. She didn’t turn up with a chainsaw last night … so I assume I’m safe. 😀

  7. Very nice color tone. Match perfectly with the model. I am looking forward to see a set of Chainsaw Massacre series from this Hot Beautiful Singapore Lomo Idol Model with what is left of you.

    Just in case, BYE BYE Ndroo ! It was a pleasure and honor to know you.

  8. @doublechin : Bye! See ya in hell! Muwahahaha! Oh … I better take you along then. Remember you said that she looks prettier after she got married? You are so dead too!

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