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Since the childcare/kindergarten was closed on last Friday and I was on leave to look after Fitzand … I took him for a very hot day at the Universal Studios Singapore. He had lots of fun especially at the Transformers ride which he had been looking forward to.

Fitzand got to experience 3D and 4D for the first time during those rides. It was funny seeing him go ‘Huh! Daddy! Is that saliva?!’ when a character sneezed and water sprinkled on us.

Ermm … Mr Funny suddenly gave me the thumbs up to tell me the breakfast was yummy but went a step further by ‘displaying’ the food. *sweat*


Brain freeeeeeeeeeeeeze!

Is the Universal Studios here sitting on some stove? It is like super crazy hot! It was just the same the last trip there. To make things worse, it was just me & Fitzand … and I didn’t get to rest my butt a single bit. He was so excited zapping from one place to another.

His happiest moment there was when he saw a soft toy of Moet … the little cute fella from Madagascar. It wasn’t available the last time when we were there and he has been asking me if I could find one for him.

Fitzand & Moet …

I grew a year older (again) on Saturday! After a simple dinner & beer with my family and 2 friends who I haven’t meet for a long time … Saturday was another day of activities with the little one. Took him to check out Disney On Ice and ended the day with an awesome hotpot dinner.

A little challenging trying to take some photos because my longest lens is only a 85mm one.

Big fun all the way!

Something I don’t usually like to do … crawling back to office on a weekend. However this time it was for something else. I was told that a package arrived and I went back to pick it up … a 4 disc blu-ray set of the Transformers Prime season one cartoon for Fitzand. It came with a graphic novel that’s pretty neat too!

Time to shutdown and get ready for work tomorrow. 🙁


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