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It has been almost a month since my birthday and today … when I was at ThirtySix buying some film in preparation for a short vacation come month end … I received a super duper awesome cool present from those guys there! Well … I was supposed to buy the Sahara Diana F+ to add to my Diana camera family but when I asked for the bill … I was told to pay something less than 50 bucks. I told Noreen (Miun) at the counter that I am buying the Sahara too … but she insisted I pay less than 50 bucks (for the film). I was puzzled until she insisted that it is a birthday present from Jimmy. OMG! Thank you, Jim & everyone at ThirtySix!

I actually wasn’t eyeing the ‘Collector’s Kit’ set (of the Sahara) with the special white case etc as I knew it will definitely cost much more than just the camera alone and I didn’t really need the cases. Maybe I’ll sell the cases and use the money to buy Jimmy more beer. 😛

What I got for buying Jimmy a beer on my birthday (actual amount of beer consumed is withheld for his safety). 😀

I’ll just pray (again) that Lomography will take it easy and go slow on churning out more versions of the Diana F+.

Here’s a better image of the contents in that ‘Collector’s Kit’ … leeched from Lomography’s website. 😛

That’s not the only (gulp!) white camera that came into my life recently. There’s also this Pentax Q (CUTE!!!) that I picked up for a good bargain (prices have fallen quite a lot since it was launched).

I didn’t really fancy it when I first saw it online (from pictures) until I actually held one in my hands when I was in the stores some months back. This little fella is … TINY! Unlike many tiny cameras, the Q is very solidly built. Don’t let the cuteness fool you … this ain’t a toy camera at all (unless you are getting one of their cute and affordble toy lenses). Nevermind the tons of people who harp about wanting big big big sensors. Check out the reviews online and you’ll find some pretty positive reviews on the Q.

I’ll stick to the 47mm f1.9 kit lens only … to keep the overall size small.

Here’s a roll of 35mm film posing beside the Q. See how small the camera is?

Let me see if I can give it a test run this coming weekend but the Q will definitely be in my bag during my coming vacation.


  1. The Q is really a cutie!

  2. @Ta : Oh yeah. I wasn’t convinced when I saw photos of it. The moment I saw the real thing … I knew the wallet will weep.

  3. Wor!! Never pay!!

  4. @Ymmij : Lol! I didn’t pay but I gave you a birthday present with more ‘power’ today. Hope you like it. Lol!

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