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Here’s another roll of film that has been ‘fermenting’ in a camera for some time. This time … it is a roll of Lomography 100 negatives in my La Sardina.

The La Sardina has been one of my favorite Lomography camera!

Was lucky to have some light leaks thrown in for a couple of shots. 😀

Since around 99% of my free time is spent with Fitzand … the little boss’s face appears in quite many frames (again).

Hmm … I can’t recall when I loaded this roll of film but the above photo was taken during his trial swimming lesson.



  1. Nice & Liked! I think I can smell the fermented aroma coming from my Sardina too.

  2. @Jer : So you have a roll fermenting in yours too? Hahaha! Time to finish the roll! 😀

  3. u take nice pic with sardina.. mine all like shit

  4. @norya : Somehow (so far) I’ve been getting decent results with the Sardina. Maybe was just luck. Lol. When are you making a comeback with your Fisheye2?

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