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Fitzand gave me an iPad for Fathers’ Day when I picked him up from the kindergarten yesterday. Lol. I was laughing when I saw this ‘iPad’ that he made during their computer class few days ago and he told me … ‘Daddy! Don’t laugh!’. He continued to show me a couple of other stuffs he made for me …

The ‘iPad’. 😀


I love kids’ drawings and so I took some snapshots of these that Fitzand drew on the card he gave me.

Now … I think he gets too honest when he draws! Notice the lack of hair on the guy in blue? Well … that’s me! 

See the strands of hair left on my head??!! I’m glad he didn’t draw any beer mugs in this … otherwise the teachers will be giving me ‘that look’ when I was picking him up from class.

Honestly … I thought he drew me holding a mug of beer when I first saw this. 😀

Fitzand kept telling me that he folded this heart shaped thingie all by himself.

Now I’m gonna get me a red shirt and yellow tie and rock the office on Monday!

Ermm … red pants huh?!

I like this one (above) lots! He was drawing both of us playing at the playground near my home … and he got all the colors right! He seemed to have got the position and structures (and colors!) of the playground correct!

Oh and there is this fruit jelly that he made in class. A little too little though. Hahaha! I let him have most of it but he kept refusing to eat … telling me that it was for Fathers’ Day. Now that was the first time I had to convince him that it was okay for him to finish the jelly. 😀

Fitzand is 5 years old now and in a couple of years he will be in primary school. That’s like so fast eh???!!

Just the other day when I gave me some coins for his piggy bank … he told me … ‘Daddy, I will keep the money. Next time when you are old … I will buy food for you.’. Awww … I smiled … and after a few seconds … he looked at me and said ‘But … you are old already now. Tomorrow I buy dinner for you ok?’. I thought I saw some more hair falling off my head. 😀



  1. So cuteeee of him, you must be melting hahaha

  2. @Melisa : You mean I melt from running in the sun? Hahahha!

  3. Yah…kids should just be kids and never grow up…time flies!

  4. @Jer : Sometimes we sure wish they are the kiddos the way they are now forever but then … come to think of it … if that happens … we won’t ever be able to get much rest or free time forever then. Lol.

  5. So sweet. 🙂

  6. @cyanwater : Just like me huh? 😛

  7. the watching tv frame – how come he draw you to be on the floor instead of on the bed with him?

  8. @nellua : Hahaha! Because very often I’ll sit on the floor for a short while … before heading for the shower.

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