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The roll (of disaster) that was halfway scanned (a roll of Lomo redscale 120) from some weeks back became an eyesore on my desk … so I decided to scan the surviving shots and get over it as soon as possible. Yeah … this was the roll I shot (with my Diana F+) not long ago … during an ‘outing’ with Jimmy (from ThirtySix).

Most of the shots from this roll turned out underexposed. 🙁 🙁 🙁 Note to self : Do not drink beer before taking photographs! Hehehe! I’m gonna tell Jimmy that we need to have another shoot in Chinatown soon. I’m not satisfied with the results from this roll.

I’ve not been taking much photos lately … nor have I been updating my blog. 🙁 Just can’t find enough time to do everything that I wanna do. I’ve been spending bits and pieces of my free time (very rare thing nowadays!) picking up programming in Objective-C. If I don’t die from digesting the 2 thick books I have on iOS programming … you might just someday find an app in the Apple store … by Dr Droo. Hahaha! I have a couple of applications in my head that I think might work!

I’ve been doing software programming since the day I left school and picking up a new language was a piece of cake in the past. Now that I’m such an old fart … with not much time to even sit down to read the books/manuals … things just got tougher. I am actually pretty sick of doing programming but I thought I could pick up a new development tool/platform and get myself some pocket money before I totally call it quits someday soon.

I’m not about to give up photography or cameras just yet. 😀 I’m just taking a ‘vacation’.


  1. if u go with jimmy its mission impossible without “beer” .. hahahahah still look good ma this set.
    but if u seriously wanna shoot without drinking then u need to go with cyanwater. LOL LOL

  2. @norya : Hahaha! Yeah I must ban myself from meeting Jim! Btw … the last time I went Punggol shoot with Cyanwater … I had beer too … during lunch at some seafood restaurant there. Hahaha! Anyway … what is photography without beer? Ermm wait … I meant ‘What is photography without fun?’. 😛 When are we going shooting again?!