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Had a wonderful day at one of Fitzand’s classmate’s birthday party at the Horse City. The kiddos had a blast there with the pony rides, games and entertainment prepared for them.

They engaged a professional photographer & videographer for the event and I was trying very hard to avoid getting in their way (or into their images/videos). Luckily I managed to bring back some snapshots of Fitzand and his friends having fun.

Fitzand & the birthday girl. I rush a little as Fitzand couldn’t stay still for long … and I forgot to use to smaller aperture … thus the girl is a little out of focus. My bad!

One of Fitzand’s besties was there and they sure had big fun!

Besties are clowns!

The host arranged pony rides for the kiddos but I paid for an extra ride since Fitzand wanted to have another go at it.

Guess one of their favourite was the games organised for them. You can see from the expressions on their faces!

Fitzand was asking me if he could have a party too. Well … we promised him a party during his birthday early next year and asked what kind of party and where does he want it to be held. He told us … ‘Power Rangers party!’. Now … I’d like to seek some volunteers to be the Power Rangers. Anyone interested? I’ll sponsor the coloured spandex and helmets. LOL! Oh … I’ll throw in beer for free too!

Gotta go try get some sleep now. I have maybe about 4.5 hours to sleep before my very early morning drive to Malaysia tomorrow … hoping to beat the crazy traffic at the causeway.

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