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Fitzand is a little shy and makes me either go outside the room or hide behind a play tent when he is ‘performing’. So one evening I decided to secretly video him while hiding behind the play tent. It wasn’t easy doing it with a little compact camera but that’s the best I can do.

This is also the first time I’m trying to piece together short clips and adding some effects in the video. Do not laugh at my horrible video editing skill. I don’t even know how to brighten the videos. 😀 Now if you could just ignore the technical quality … here’s the video …


  1. LOL, heart-attack and left for the pub already.

    Fitzand is so very cute 😀

  2. Usually I don’t comment, but I read every single entry of yours…especially the ones where you moify your cameras (altho I dont understand some of the technical terms). Still very engaging nevertheless (:

    Viewing photos taken is the best part however. The entry with IR was very pretty, made it looks as if the images were taken in snow (kinda….) but the best is still the lensbaby. You’ve convinced me to get one to play with.. when I have the moolah.

  3. @Rachel : Thanks. Hey … did u see the Madagascar poster u sent Fitzand recently? Check it out here

  4. he is so cute…. so funny….. his move so clumsy.. LOL

  5. Heh? I didn’t see you in the pub and you said you left for the pub?? Hahaha…

    Fitzand is sooooo cute~!!!

  6. he is so cute and adorablee…..

  7. @norya : Yeah … I was trying hard not to laugh too hard while shooting the videos.

    @Candy : I’ll be at your pub soon … with Ah Phua

    @M : Thanks

  8. One of the most pleasantly made video I have seen in Years! Simon Cowell will surely say “He definitely got talent !”


  9. he is so cute 😀

    thumb up for the video ^o^

  10. @yin : Thank you

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