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I remember talking to a friend not too long ago about how fast new digital cameras models are flying out from the factories and how those new ‘features’ which are supposed to be the ‘wow factors’ turn out to be not really interesting. I had to eat my words when I recently came across these …

This Coolpix S1000pj from Nikon is the world’s first camera with a integrated projector. Yeah … a projector! The built-in projector is supposed to be able to project an image size from approximately 5 inches up to 40 inches … and comes with a remote control and projection stand. Kinda cool ain’t it?

Too bad (or luckily) I ain’t really interested (or bothered) to project my photos all over … so I’ll definitely give this one a miss.

For more information about this camera (and where I leeched this photo from), check out dPreview here.

Next comes one that is really very interesting (to me) that might do some damage to my wallet when it is launched …

A 3D digital camera!!!! From a press release … “Built around a newly-developed 3D processor and a twin-lens camera concept, the system features not only 3D capture, but 3D printing and display with a selection of new technologies.”

Really cool … ain’t it? The only thing is … how do we view the 3D images?

“The camera is fitted with a 2.8 inch, 230,000 pixel- LCD. Thanks to a new engineering approach, screen flickering and image deterioration, thought to be difficult to overcome, are reduced to an absolute minimum to achieve beautiful, natural 3D images. The screen will also resolve 2D images as any other camera LCD.”

This means we can only view the cool 3D images on the camera’s LCD? Not really. It is also stated that there is a new printing technology that allows printing of these 3D images. I’ve not gone into details and read about that yet … just hope it is affordable.

There will be another way you can showcase the 3D images …

“A new 8.4 inch, “FinePix Real 3D Photo Frame” with over 920,000 pixels has also been developed. The LCD monitor on the camera and the stand alone display panel share similar technologies in that the problem of screen flickering and image ghosting, which has beset earlier developments, has been solved, giving crisp, high resolution viewing of images in glorious 3D or standard 2D. A newly developed “light direction control module” in the back of the LCD controls light to right eye and left eye direction. This light direction control mechanism enables easy and high quality 3D viewing without special 3D glasses.”

More info about it here and here.

Now that is what I call temptation! All I need now is to give another go at the lottery this weekend. 😀

So what kind of new technology will I wanna see in the future? Hmm … how about a film camera that you can load normal 35mm film … and after you finish shooting the roll … press a button and some super processor inside will develop and spit out the negatives automatically? That will save me some trips to the lab. Okay … I’ll continue dreaming now.


  1. hahah this is funny.. have you seen the Daido Moriyama’s Projector pen for 110 films?
    i donno if small film shows depth and focus?

    these area all very brilliant ideas.. the 3d and the projector.
    the presentation of each camera is wonderful! but the value of the photography is still
    in those (small sensor less range of depth) maybe it would be tones of lovely macro shots
    ar.. i dont even know what to say anymore 😀 now we just need a camera that can fly.. so we can shoot photography 90degrees from the top view.. haha

  2. @mijonju : I’ve not seen the projector pen you mentioned. Sounds pretty cool though. As for the flying camera, maybe you can DIY can mount a cam on a remote control helicopter? 😀

  3. i need to make a remote shutter too,.. damn.. its not impossible but its too much work..

  4. you should tell storeytree to get the new kamenrider version with strap and film case.. i have 2 more left haha i sold 1 and now im putting 1 more on ebay

    you dont have to by from me.. its just that its out 😀 get them

  5. @mijonju : I won’t be getting the new kamen rider BBF. It’s a little crazy to buy another just for the strap and film case. Hahaha.

  6. how many friends around the world do you have?
    i was thinking of an amazing event.. using a 1 time use camera and send it to everyone..
    take 1 shot then mail it to another person that person takes a shot he think’s is nice.. then mails it to another person.. behind the camera has the address of the final destination when the last film is taken..
    what do you think?
    if you have lots of friends around the net then it would be fun.. every takes their best shot. with the 1 time use camera.

  7. @mijonju : That shouldn’t be a problem. Hmm. Maybe let’s think about that after we are done with our doubles. Ok? 😀

  8. sure. 😀 haha sorry i was thinking too much.. too much work stress..

  9. @mijonju : No worries. Hahaha. It’s just that I’m worried I can’t cope with it all at one go. Hahaha.

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