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A couple of months ago, someone from … a Chinese online magazine contacted me asking if I’d agree to be interviewed about my blog and some Lomo stuffs. I agreed to do it provided it is done through email (I hardly have enough time to even sleep) and in English. Hahaha. So I sent them replies and some photos … and once those are done … they asked me for my name in Chinese. Oh no! I can write it (though ugly) down in paper but how on earth am I gonna type it and send to them? This is embarassing but … I used Photoshop … and using my mouse … I ‘wrote’ the Chinese characters on an image file and sent it to them. Hahaha! Luckily they managed to understand what I ‘wrote’ and got it right.

Anyway, here is a screen shot of the interview … although I can’t understand 99.99% of the words. I do hope they didn’t add some ‘salt and pepper’ to what I said (like what Digital Life did to my Olympus E-P1 interview).

The link to the actual interview can be found here.


  1. tak tau mandarin also… lol

  2. @norya : Hahaha! I am sure in a couple of years, Fitzand’s Mandarin will be better then ours already.

  3. sorry, can’t help u to check out the article. I tak tau too. LOL. But tat pic of u and fitzand = CUTE!!

  4. wah got mention jimmy’s and uncle mike’s chinese names ah 😛

  5. Nice.

  6. @irorus : Welcome to the tak tau family. LOL

    @Lawry : Yeah. Ah Phua was mentioned too … a friend told me. What’s Uncle Mike’s name in Chinese? Hahhaa!

    @cyanwater : Ermm … translate!

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