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“OMG” appearing on MSN Messenger is something I don’t like to see too often … especially when it comes from Mijonju (yeah … the devil again!). This is what he showed me …

Yeah! OMG! A limited edition white Natura Classica camera! I was told that it is a limited edition of only 3000 units and I was told that pre orders are snapping up the units real fast.

No price is available yet but it should cost a bit more than the normal Classica cameras. I don’t own a Classica … so isn’t it logical for me to get Mijonju to place an order for me? No? Yes? *cough*


  1. @ndroo: Yea, i bet the image is talking to your sub/conciousness every second, repeatedly, with the only word: BUY!!!

  2. @Beam : It doesn’t talk. It SCREAMS! Argh!

  3. @ndroo: Fret not. Mijonju is here is relieve you always. He is just a click away (from your msn)… hahaha.

  4. @Beam : Hey wait! Did Mijonju send you here too? Are we both working as his mesenger? 😀

  5. @ndroo: Nope… i’m just speaking from your ‘myself’ perspective. hehehe.

    @Mijonju: Am i hired? 😀

  6. You could always buy the black (cheaper?) one and spray paint it white and pretend 😛

  7. @wynth : That’s one risky thing to do to the Classica! 😀

  8. It’s beautiful….

  9. @FalseDigital : I think Fujifilm made a right move this time. Almost everyone that see this beauty … will go ‘wow!’. I showed it to my colleague who is not into photography and she was tempted too. LOL!

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