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Got a little surprise just now when picking Fitzand up from the childcare center. The teacher showed me a page from a magazine and there right in front of my eyes … my Fitzand! Coolness eh? Then I suddenly remembered there was this lady going around interviewing parents during one of the event and I guess she’s writing for this. Too bad I don’t like to answer interview questions (doing it online is a bit okay though) and thus the short (super short) session with me probably ended up in the trash bin the next minute.

Some of you might be wondering why I ain’t blogging about the new Lomography Sprocket Rocket camera (yet). Right? Hahaha! To be frank … though it looks very neat … I haven’t really got into the urge of rushing into purchasing one (yet). It was a totally different when I first saw the Spinner 360 though. I fell in love with the Spinner in a fraction of a second. One good thing I can see … is that with the Sprocket Rocket camera … my fat face doesn’t have to be in every photo. Okay … that’s reason enough to buy one? 😀


  1. Hmmm…how come your boy’s school is so happening? I was looking forward to some events which parents are allow to participate….but so far nothing… boring…..

  2. He’s such a natural in front of the camera, unlike his daddy. ;P

    BTW, your reservation for the sprocket rocket is taken care of. ;D

  3. @cyanwater :

    “He’s such a natural in front of the camera, unlike his daddy. ;P” <-- I agree 10000%!!!! "BTW, your reservation for the sprocket rocket is taken care of. ;D" <-- WTF!!!

  4. @Jer : Oh really? The one Fitz attends is pretty good at these stuffs. There are always those events where parents are to join them for celebrations etc. Well … that’s why our annual leaves are disappearing real fast these days. During events, they will also arrange some activities for parents-child bonding … like making crafts together etc. Well that is for those who don’t bond much at home … I think. Hahaha! For me … I am bonded like super glue to him and thus that ain’t too big a deal for me. I need time to bond with my cameras too!!! 😀

  5. @cyanwater : Come to think of it … I was once very natural too. Remember how natural I looked in this old photo? …


  6. VERY natural indeed!!!!

  7. OMG!!! NAKED UNKER!!! LOL!!!!!!

  8. @nelly : I forgot if there were insects around. Hmm … damn.

    @cyanwater : Be afraid … be very afraid! 😀

  9. Hmmmm….so sad…so far nothing happening in my daughter’s school except for a year-end stage performance which I am not sure whether is my daughter going to perform but will need to buy the tickets 1st :S

    Ndroo….you are looking natural and raw….

  10. @Jer : Wow! Buy tickets? Concert at the Esplande or stadium? LOL. Thank you …. yeah I did look RAW. Thank God I didn’t look any JPEG. 😀

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