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So Dead

Written by • Jul 22nd, 2011 • Category: Toys
I’m so gonna get this! Ermm … should I? I have my last Double Money voucher worth US$50 and I might just burn it on this new baby … “Wrapped in Italian red goat leather and decorated with fertility symbols, the Russia Day Lomo LC-A+ features the original Russian Minitar 1 Lens which started the Lomographic movement. Limited to just 2000 units, the Russia Day Lomo LC-A+ comes presented in a velvet box and includes a special LC-A+ camera strap which features a Russia Day emblem (one of 5 designs)… >> read more

1st Holga, then Diana F+ & now this?

Written by • Oct 22nd, 2009 • Category: Others
I’m sure we all know about the colorful Holga and the recent Diana F+ CMYK … the candy colored plastic toy cameras. It is very strange (and funny) to see Pentax following the footsteps and introducing their own candy colored DSLR. Yeah … a real DSLR! Inspired by the Kore Ja Nai robo toy, this limited edition of 100 units (for Japan only) camera is definitely gonna get all the attention when you use it on the streets. For events where a DSLR is not allowed … I’m sure the… >> read more

No Nukes? No Way!

Written by • Aug 12th, 2009 • Category: Toys
Don’t get me wrong (from this entry title) … it’s not that I’m against the No Nukes protest … it’s just that there is no way I’m gonna burn any money for this. Hahahaa! Maybe if it came out before the 25th Anniversary Edition … just maybe … just maybe … I’ll wanna buy it. Why do I get the feeling that Lomography is gonna do another neverending-Diana-clones stunt on the LC-A+ camera? Hmm … maybe soon they’ll have pink Hello Kitty LC-A+ as well? The ‘No Nukes’ LOMO LC-A+… >> read more

Toys For Boys

Written by • Aug 6th, 2009 • Category: Toys
Fitzand is a fan of Bob The Builder and has been telling me that he wants a toy of that blue colored crane (is that what you call it?). A couple of attempts to find it in Toys’R’Us failed and one of the toy shops had only Scoop (the yellow one) and Muck (the orange cement mixer). Finally I found this set of 6 on the local eBay and spent about 1.5 hours driving to collect it from a seller staying at the other end of Singapore. Of course Fitzand… >> read more

Minidigi goes the the War Memorial

Written by • Feb 3rd, 2008 • Category: Digital stuffs
Minutes before it started pouring, managed only these few shots. It’s my 2nd time using this baby camera but despite the fact that it’s probably the coolest camera I own … the LCD leaves way too much to be desired. Not only it’s tiny (ok, I can’t expect a larger one on this little camera) but the display seems so fuzzy that I can hardly see any detail. Maybe I’m expecting to much from a ‘toy’ camera. Duh!… >> read more