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I’m sure we all know about the colorful Holga and the recent Diana F+ CMYK … the candy colored plastic toy cameras.

It is very strange (and funny) to see Pentax following the footsteps and introducing their own candy colored DSLR. Yeah … a real DSLR!

Inspired by the Kore Ja Nai robo toy, this limited edition of 100 units (for Japan only) camera is definitely gonna get all the attention when you use it on the streets. For events where a DSLR is not allowed … I’m sure the security guys won’t bother you when you waltz in with one of these. 😀

Interested to get one? Get yours today from their online store here.

What’s next? A candy colored Leica?


  1. damn nice and sexy!

  2. Actually…I find this Gundam-looking DSLR quite cute looking.

  3. @Jer : Me too. Hahahhaa! I’d be pretty dead if it’s a Canon. 😀


  5. I LIKE!!!!!!! Now if only I can buy everything that I like, how nice that will be. 🙁

  6. @Mijonju : Yeah. I got info about that a while ago but not yet get official press release info. I’m hoping they can send me my sponsored copy soon. 😀

    @irorus : Close your eyes, go buy some lottery and that might happen. I’m trying hard too. LOL!

  7. mijonju!!!!!! u and ndroo poison!!!! dun tell me lensbaby….. arghhhh!!!!
    ndroo: i just bring LB to shoot yesterday 1 roll…. for the we share stories project!!!!!

  8. When you say only in japan, does that mean i cant order it over the Japanese website for England?

  9. @norya : Quick share with us your photos! What share stories project is that?

    @Joe : I think it is only meant for sale within Japan. Doubt they’ll ship outside Japan. Of course you can get someone in Japan to get it and then ship it to you. 😀

  10. Joe, you can get it from me if you want

  11. ndroo : we share stories is a totally different experience of exhibition as they do not exhibit the picture but they exhibit the film canister… LOL….. hence u need to write a simple 10 words about ya story and there will be an exchange on that exhibition itself… more info :

  12. @norya : Hmm. Sounds fun!

  13. @norya serious!! wahaha. me must quick quick do.

  14. yes… i done mine….. i left it at 36…. wait for Fajar to do collection…. bwhahhaaaha

  15. Pentax is really fun.

  16. @Mijonju:
    Hi, thanks.
    That would be great, i just need to scrape together the funds, but hopefully i should be able to get it.
    Could i possibly have your email address or something so we could arrange it.
    Thanks again.

  17. wtf.. lol.

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