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Holga TLR?

Written by • May 28th, 2009 • Category: Others
I have always considered the Holga to be the ‘mother of all toy cameras’. When they launched the Holga 120WPC (Wide Pinhole Camera), I thought it was a great new design and of course i bought it for some super wide pinhole fun. Now … perhaps as a result of the big Blackbird, Fly camera craze … those guys in the factory seemed to have pieced something new … a Holga TLR! At first I was pretty excited when I read about it … until I saw photos of the… >> read more

More than just cheap plastic cameras

Written by • May 6th, 2008 • Category: Camera Fashion
A cheap plastic camera doesn’t have to be naked and ugly! Here are some of my works on various ‘toy’ cameras … Stardust La Sardina : The most girly design I’ve done … a La Sardina for a friend. Summer Holga : A last minute design for a friend … Diana’s Butts : A fun design (with a crappy name) Diana+ made specially for ThirtySix’s 1st anniversary. Woodpecker, Fly : A ‘wooden’ version of the famous Blackbird, Fly camera … made specially for those guys in Superheadz. Camera sponsored by… >> read more