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Oh yeah! Looks like this is the real thing and only 130 of them are available at … € 500.00 each!!! OMG! Get yours today!!! Muwahaha!

After the recent launch of the mystery product (although not a mystery anymore because of some leak about it … thanks to Patrick :P) which is the Instant Back for the LC-A+/LC-A, Lomography seemed to have another toy ready to poison the world. This time … they also got the fans to guess the mystery product …

The little bits of images to let everyone guess the ‘mystery product’

I came across some links yesterday … with images of what some people claim to be that said product (which will be revealed today). How true? I’m not sure. Take a look at this image below and see if it is of any excitement …

The WTF LC-A+! Hahaha! This is and image of the 24 karat gold edition that’s circulating the internet … some claiming to be the ‘mystery product.

Ugly ain’t it? I sure do hope it is just a fake (Photoshopped) image although I could certainly save some money and not get tempted if this really is the ‘mystery product’.

Meanwhile … let’s all wait patiently to see the real thing when it is launched.


  1. gross! total turn off!

  2. @kenshi85 : Let’s pray it is not real … and LSI has some cool cam instead.

  3. @nic: Thought you love gold? Hehe…. I love gold but the leather makes it very ah pek/uncle. So ndroo, are you getting one? ;P

  4. @cyanwater : You should be the one buying it … since you love gold. So you getting this to go with your instant back? 😀

  5. Definitely not the gold LCA, I mean a gold LCA doesn’t deserve such a tease. Is the top photo a source from lomo?

  6. @Patrick : The photo was from some other website. Could be a fake. Haha!

  7. Okay that’s mad ugly >:

  8. boooooo…

    its a real thang! only 130 pieces made.

  9. ahh… alchemy…and LC-A have something in common..

  10. KNN IT IZ REAL!! ):

  11. Hahahaha! OMG! And the price … !!!

  12. infact i find it ok leh…… but not for the price…. LOL

  13. @noreen : I’m sure Jim will get one for you. 😛 But seriously … the price is … ahem!

  14. ndroo@hahahahahah .. how come the comment from the mail notification and your this actually comment is different? LOL

  15. @noreen : :X Later ppl complain la. Mai la! 😛

  16. Sooo ugly. I know it has 24k gold and genuine leather, but it looks like something from the 1980’s. And I don’t know about you, but I think anything from the 80’s looks should be burned.

  17. @tylercorc : Hahaha! Agree! Burn the 80’s! 😀

  18. i born in 80’s leh… mai leh… dun burn me leh…..

  19. @noreen : We’ll have grilled mushroom then 😛

  20. it would be cool if its made of wood or em.. i lost the word

  21. @Mijonju : I’m sure your design for the ‘design a LCA’ competition was way nicer than this.

  22. The more I look the more it feels like I am looking at a cigarette lighter

  23. HmmmmPPhhMMMpppp!!!!!! me love my 80’s

  24. oh man, this reminds me of an ugly version of the special edition rollei 35’s!

  25. @Ta : Hahaha! That’s a good one.

    @noreen : Hahahaha! Ok ok … we love people from the 80’s.

    @garrick : I think I might have seen images of the rollei you mentioned before.

  26. actually i personally think that the LCA gold is very nice..esp after looking at the real one…. but of course its a bit pricey….. oh well…. im from the 80’s LOL

  27. @noreen : Cool. Great to hear that. Will drop by to take a look at it soon. 😀

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