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Perhaps the last set of the street shots from Tokyo. I might have one or two hiding in some other folders but for now … these are all I can find and thank God for the batch action in Photoshop … I just ran a batch job to resize them for web. No other editing done on them as they were all shot using my E-PL1 in the Grainy B&W mode.

There are a couple of photos in this set that were captured while dining in some crowded shops and those were the most ‘risky’ shots I’ve attempted this time round. I was only ‘armed’ with a 20mm lens (40mm in 35mm equiv) and I had to go really close while trying to not let the subjects realise I’m taking photos of them. I must say that my GRD3 will be a better tool for such situation as it works silently but I had only the E-PL1 with me. Despite the softer ‘clack!’ (compared to some DSLR) from the shutter … it still can cause some big bowl of udon come flying at my face. Luckily I made it out alive.

I think I’ve mentioned earlier in other posts that these are the most enjoyable street shooting sessions I’ve had. The Grainy B&W mode in the camera made me forget about all other stuffs (including Photoshop!) and just have fun snapping away. Shooting these on film would definitely have caused me to think harder (the cost!) and perhaps lost photo opportunites.


  1. Love the gritty look of it! amazing!!

  2. @Mijonju : Thank you 🙂

  3. wow! at first glance i thot it was shot in film 😛

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