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Lazy Afternoon Snaps

Written by • Jun 30th, 2011 • Category: Fun with film
Apart from gulping down lots of yummy beer yesterday at Whitchurch Rd area, we did loiter around that area for some photos. At one point … we were even told that ‘hey … this is private property!’ when we were shooting some swing in some open area. Duh. Anyway … still I managed to finish a roll of long expired Kodak T400N 120 and got it developed today. Like the BW400CN, the T400CN doesn’t give too much of a contrast. Still pretty usable for times when I wanna shoot black… >> read more

Streets Of Chinatown

Written by • Jan 25th, 2011 • Category: Digital stuffs
While crawling the streets of Chinatown with Fitzand and his teachers + friends this morning … I switched my E-P1 to my favourite mode for streetshooting (grainy black & white) and fired some shots. Every time I got the opportunity to do some street shoot, I’ll keep telling myself that I should do it more often as I somehow love the thrill of getting up close (with a risk) to the subjects and trip the shutter. Maybe I’m sick of living eh? 😀 While I usually don’t bother post processing… >> read more

Tokyo : The Streets 4

Written by • May 3rd, 2010 • Category: Digital stuffs
Perhaps the last set of the street shots from Tokyo. I might have one or two hiding in some other folders but for now … these are all I can find and thank God for the batch action in Photoshop … I just ran a batch job to resize them for web. No other editing done on them as they were all shot using my E-PL1 in the Grainy B&W mode. There are a couple of photos in this set that were captured while dining in some crowded shops and… >> read more

Tokyo : The Streets 2

Written by • Apr 26th, 2010 • Category: Digital stuffs
The second batch of the street photos. I think I might have fired one too many shots this time and will try post them in few batches of 25 photos each time. 😀 All straight outta the camera … shot in ‘Grainy B&W’ mode and just resized for web. My newly found lazy yet fun way of doing street shooting with the E-PL1 without doing post-processing … seems to make me wanna go out to the street more often. We’ve just left Shinjuku today and now slacking in a hotel… >> read more

Harinezumi 2 : A Wedding

Written by • Dec 16th, 2009 • Category: Digital stuffs
This will be the last Harinezumi 2 video from my recent trip to Malaysia. These were taken during my ol’ buddy’s wedding in Kuala Lumpur. We’ve known each other for ages … maybe when we were around 22 or so. Hahaha! Damn. Time flies! Now we are both on the way to hitting the big number 40 in a couple of years time! I’m so glad for him that he is finally settling down. This probably mean less time at the pubs … just like myself. Muwahahaha! I remember back… >> read more

E-P1 : Black ‘n’ White

Written by • Aug 11th, 2009 • Category: Digital stuffs
Yet to try the Monochrome mode in my E-P1, so I decided to take some random shots during my long weekend in Malaysia to see how it performs. I set the camera to Monochrome mode with red filter and also upped the saturation to +2. Most of these shots were taken at around ISO800. These are not straight-out-of-the-camera shots because I did some level adjustment to them to give them a darker feel. However, I was pretty impressed by the Monochrome mode as well as the pretty nice grains to… >> read more