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Apart from gulping down lots of yummy beer yesterday at Whitchurch Rd area, we did loiter around that area for some photos. At one point … we were even told that ‘hey … this is private property!’ when we were shooting some swing in some open area. Duh. Anyway … still I managed to finish a roll of long expired Kodak T400N 120 and got it developed today.

Like the BW400CN, the T400CN doesn’t give too much of a contrast. Still pretty usable for times when I wanna shoot black & white but don’t wanna wait days for the lab to get it developed. 😛

I suddenly realise that I’ve shot Jimmy one too many times on this roll! 😛

Good thing I had this roll of black & white loaded in the cam for some time and brought it along during the outing. There wasn’t much colorful stuffs around. The buildings were mostly black & white and of course the many greens around.

Ermmm … one more shot of Jimmy’s butt …

Despite the *(#&*@ weight of the Bronica ETRSi, I’m begining to love using it more and more. Well … perhaps it is because of the availability of a meter on it … it somehow makes this lazy old man not mind carrying it around. I’ve decided to get a speed grip to make holding the camera and tripping the shutter easier (since it is pretty affordable on eBay).

Perhaps some day I should get a 6×6 medium format camera (no … Diana & Holgas not included) too?



  1. wooo. heavy camera! where ur lc-w shots?

  2. I know u like Jimmy a lot…

  3. Noreen: To be exact, Andrew like Jimmy’s butt a lot…

  4. @ymmij : The LC-W roll is still in progress. Few more shots to go. Lol.

    @Noreen : Can we share him?

    @Beam : Ermm …

  5. what’s all these abt? Shooting Jimmy shooting something else?! Get a life…i mean BEER! 😛

  6. @nelly : It is all about Jim’s ass. LOL! Now … when are we gonna do beer? It has been quite a while!

  7. @ndroo …. he is yours all the time when u say “beer”

  8. @noreen : Ok. BEEEEEEEEEEEEEER!!!

  9. So envy….it has been ages since I last had a lazy afternoon…teach me how to be lazy PLEASE!!! Haha

  10. @Jer : Simple. Just take a day off … make sure kiddo is in school … then go slack & play. Hahaha!

  11. Haha…you are really generous with your leaves 😛

  12. @Jer : I allocate a bit of my leaves for unwinding purposes. Hehehe. That’s excluding family holidays. Hahaha!

  13. hey! i have a question.. which is not related to this post.
    so yeah, after finishing a 120 roll of film from the diana… is it ok to just leave the film all taped but no canister whatsoever? it wont get exposed? im pretty new with a diana…so im not quite sure on using 120 as compared to 35mm.

  14. @M : Just make sure it is sealed (with the adhesive at the end of the roll) as tight as possible when try keep it in the pocket or bag. That’s what I usually do. As we sometimes get some not very tightly rolled rolls from cameras like the Diana or Holga, it is best kept away from strong light … because there might be slight light leak from the sides. Well … sometimes I don’t really care as some light leak might make the results cooler. Hahaha. Just make sure it is taped properly … because if it gets unrolled … that will spell disaster.

  15. Thank you so much! And yay! just got my first roll of 120 developed last week..turns out pretty well I must say! :> thank you, and good day!

  16. @M : Hey congrats! Happy shooting! 🙂

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