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‘You are #1!!!’ … that’s what Fitzand told me when I asked what this (pic below) thingie he made for me at the childcare was for. Well I know it is for Father’s Day and I was just testing him … but he kept saying (loudly!) … ‘You are #1!!!’. The funny thing was that we were having dinner outside and that caused people from the other tables to look over. Embarassing! Hahaha! I don’t need to be #1 as long as we are happy … although I sure do need some time off to rest. So that is the ‘award’ and I’m gonna stick it on my wall tonight.

I received some sample camera skins from SKINSLOVE just the other day and managed to ‘dress up’ my cams last night. There were 4 sets of them … for the Golden Half, the Holga, the SX-70 and one for the Gakkenflex. My Gakkenflex is not with me now … so I couldn’t let it try on the skin.

I like the American flag sticker for the Golden Half. It has been too long since I touched the camera and I was shocked to find the rubber body (the black parts) has become stick. Damn! I remember hearing a friend mentioning that and didn’t know that it does happen to mine too. Argh! Even the cyan/blue version is sticky now. That’s it! No more Golden Half for me! Anyone knows how to remove those sticky stuffs? Maybe I’ll just paint it someday.

Next is a black & white skin for the Holga …

A cute and colorful skin for the SX-70 …

Overall I’m impressed with the quality of the skins. They are very precisely cut to fit the cameras and the material seems pretty durable. I’ve tried using some laptop skins (bought from local shops) and realise they are too thick and that makes sticking difficult and of course they won’t look that nice (at the edges) because of my cutting skills.

I ain’t related to the company in any way but if you guys wanna check out some cool skins for your cameras, you can check out their online store which provides FREE SHIPPING and the skins are pretty affordable.


I’ve spoken to those guys in SKINSLOVE and trying to get some discount for a mass order. Anyone interested? I’ll have to see the interest first before deciding. Only applicable for local (Singapore) orders because I ain’t got no time to run to the post office. 😀 For those who are interested … do drop me a message ok?


  1. you mean they can cut to the size of the skin you want?

  2. @gwen : If your camera is not in the list (of what they have), you can send them a ‘template’ of your requirement and they’ll be able to cut it for you. That’s what they told me when I asked them about skins for other cameras.

  3. ermm….you mean they have the camera list of skin in their website? i cun find them leh…great mayb i shd dress up my holga…

  4. cool! andrew! they send me some skins too!

  5. @gwen : Strange. It remember a page of skins for cameras was in there. Maybe they are updating their stuffs? I’ll go ask them about it.

    @Mijonju : Oh yeah! I think you mentioned that in a video of yours. Right? Cool!

  6. I like teh american flag. nice…if there is holga will be great…hehe…

  7. omgee! The SX-70 one is so schweet! and your kid is too adorable. 🙂

  8. i like the sx-70 skin… hehehehe…
    btw u must have forgotten about my blog.. ahahahah… the queen’s camera….

  9. I don’t know why, but all camera stickers are in the twin brother website – , site You mentioned is only for laptops and ipods or smth…

  10. Hi everyone;) Andrew put our sister website link:) the correct link is …i hope him change this in near future:) you all welcome and we love read feedbacks;)

  11. @gwen : Maybe you should check out their webbie and ask them if they can do that for the Holga. 😀

    @Lynn : Thanks 🙂

    @noreen : Yeah I remember that. 🙁

    @doriah : Yup. I gave a wrong link. 😛

    @Andrius : Thank you very much. I’ve got the links fixed.

  12. Abt #1, I wonder which is more embarrassing: being declared # 1 or have a crazy 3yo kiddo go ” I LUUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRVVVVVVEEEEE EWWWWWWWWWWWWWE SOOOOOOOO MUCH!”(X3) loudly and in a public place.


    happy Father’s day, dude!

  13. Happy Papa’s Day!

  14. @nelly : Actually I think I’m okay if he says he loves me. Hahaha! I just don’t like to be #1. 😛

  15. @cyanwater : Thanks. Got present for Papa? 😀

  16. Updated the entry above with a mass order suggestion. Anyone wants to get anything?

  17. I WANT!

  18. i want

  19. testing your anti-spam feature for ya.

  20. @nelly : Oh thanks! Hahaha! Glad it is working. The previous one stopped working out of a sudden and I had to find an alternative. This one is cuter too. 😀

  21. I’m interested and I love your new anti-spam feature! 😀

  22. @wynth : Cool. I’ll maybe try set up a mass order soon and see how many are really interested. The new anti-spam feature is cute eh? LOL!

  23. The new anti-spam feature is super cute! 😀

    Now you can customised all that pictures on a camera skin :3

  24. WOW! thanks ndroo!! SKIN for LC-A too :DD

  25. @lawry : I’ll start another entry to check interest for MO soon. Stay tuned.

  26. […] came knocking and I was surprised he handed me an envelope addressed from SkinsLove. They did send me some samples some time ago but I don’t remember ordering anything from them recently. Quickly I ripped open the envelope […]

  27. Is the preorder still on? I want to buy too >< Wondering if they have skins for Nikon J1?

  28. @Foxes941 : The mass order is already over (long ago). I don’t see the J1 skin there in their store but you can get it from

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