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We’ve seen the Harinezumi, the FDC01, the VistaQuest and some other digital ‘toy’ cameras ‘invading’ the scene and thanks to a friend (thank you Sanjay!) who posted a link about this ‘Holga D’ concept camera … here’s something for all the digital ‘toy’ camera lovers to drool over. No LCD? Plastic lens? Hmm … sure sounds promising. There was another digital camera that some claim to be the ‘digital Holga’ … the Yashica EZ F521 … but so far I’m not impressed with what it produces. Maybe all the hype was because of the design which looks a little like a Holga.

‘Holga D’ Concept Is The Netbook Of DSLRs

The Holga D concept by Saikat Biswas envisions a simple plastic-lens plastic-body combo for digital photography. Producing an ethereal quality that celebrates image imperfections – like light leaks and inaccurate exposures – art photographers that swear on film may finally make the switch. The Holga D strips away many excessive features of digital cameras that parallels the netbook-to-laptop functionalism ratio. For example, the Holga D daringly omits the reputedly vital LCD screen on its body to mimic the delayed gratification featured in film photography.

Read more about it here and here.

The clean and neat design somehow reminds me of the Sigma DP2s but the round display on top is sexy! If only one day such camera will be available (cheaply of course!) with lots of different fun stuffs built in. One thing I’ve always been puzzled is that people tell me they still spend time post processing the photos they take using digital ‘toy’ cameras (like the Harinezumi and such). It is pretty weird isn’t it? Why bother use (or even buy) such cameras when you still wanna edit them (sometimes to death)?


  1. All it needs is an optical viewfinder. Don’t necessarily need to use it, but I think from a design standpoint it would look great. At the same time though, it looks great already.

  2. @tylercorc : Hmmm. I do agree. An optical viewfinder sure will make the design complete.

  3. Wow…it is a sleek and cool design…but I have to agree on the viewfinder too

  4. Exactly! Agreed with you on why the need for editing when you are playing with toy cameras!

  5. That is pure poison. -.-“

  6. Hahaha! Looks like if this ever make it to production and price is right … it is gonna be a hit.

  7. O M G !!!

  8. Hmm if the price is right (if it is being produced), will get one to try.

    Maybe it is just me, at this moment of time, chemistry of film usage (such as hues or saturation) is still prefered to be done in the raw way.

    If anyone wanna do editing, why go lomo? You could get anything from photoshop.

    I still love it raw on film.

    No offense, 1.3 cents worth of emo.

  9. man, full frame with a plastic lens, that’s just unbelievable at the moment 🙂
    Finally back 🙂 Im gonna send you something soon 🙂

  10. @Mijonju : Yeah. The specs is really cool eh? LOL! Bet you had a great trip.

  11. @Ta : The poison never ends eh? 😀

    @the : Yeah. The digital ‘toy’ cams can never ever replace the ‘rawness’ of the analogue ones. I bet the millions out there agree.

  12. Looks promising. And yes, only SOOC pictures with toy digis. No editing please, it defeats the purpose.

  13. @killyrbf : Exactly!

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