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I told myself that I should go get some sleep but my fingers were itchy. I needed to take some photos but it is already late at night. I am too tired to go out for some night photography but I sure need some de-stressing after another crappy day at work. Lately I’ve been feeling super duper ultra mentally tired at work. It is just like the damn world is collapsing on me and if I look around … there isn’t anyone around to help me. All I see are people telling me deadlines, people asking me if I’ve got the problems solved, people telling me things that I’m supposed to complete … and stuffs like that. Ooops! Strayed from what I wanted to blog about already. Let’s get back on track.

So to cure that itch to trip the shutter button, I did some simple test shots around my home and since I was too lazy to use the flash … I had to pump up the ISO … thus the grainy results. Oh … I forgot to indicate that these were taken digitally using my E-P1. Since I’m kinda bored … maybe ermmm … let’s try a simple ‘guess the lens’ kind of game? 😀

The only clue is that this lens is pretty wide and is pretty cheap. 😛 It doesn’t produce those super awesome sharp photos (I think) but it certainly is gonna give me tons of fun. I’ll just pray I have some time to go take more photos with this set up come weekend.


  1. i dunno what lens lah…but I think if you ain’t gonna eat up your nanas….it’s gonna rot to complete yuckiness….. 😛

  2. @nelly : Hahahaha! The nanas are (or rather … were) still okay. We had some just now. 😀

  3. LB!!!!!

  4. Must be LB la.. But LB also hav many different kinds is it?

  5. @noreen : Hahahaha! Only a LB user can smell it eh? 😀

    @Irorus : Yeah. The Lensbaby Tilt Transformer with a cheap Vivitar 19mm lens. 😀

  6. LOL.. do we win anything?

  7. @noreen : Prizes sponsored by ThirtySix. Really. Just like what Jim always say ‘you win some bottles of Newater’. 😀 Go collect it from him.

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