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About a month (or was it two?) ago … while chatting with a friend about dressing up Holga cameras, she asked if I’d be interested to help her do one as a present for a friend of hers. While I usually do not like the idea of having deadlines for doing such things (there is enough bloody deadlines at work!), I somehow agreed. We agreed on a certain fee to cover the camera, the materials and of course a few jugs of espresso to keep me awake … and the total amount will go to charity.

As we were toying with some ideas, she suggested a certain type of material & design which I initially thought might be workable. Too bad a couple of days ago when I took out the partially completed design … the material were peeling! Damn! As this is meant to be a Christmas present … I had only a couple of nights to come up with some new idea/design and work on it!

Digging into my messy drawers this evening, I managed to salvage some materials which resulted in this … Summer Holga …

Pretty cute eh? That friend of mine messaged me about 2 hours ago asking if I was still working on it and if I could show her any photo of the camera. Too bad I was too busy working on it and missed her message. I bet she must be super worried by now if she has not read this entry. Muwahahaha! Yeah she doesn’t know what alternative design I was going to put on that camera. Honestly at that time … I wasn’t sure about it myself. I’ll be meeting her tomorrow and if she doesn’t see this … I think it will be quite a big surprise for her. Hahahaha!

My fingers are plastered with super glue as I’m typing this. A little messy due to the rush job but I’m pretty satisfied with the result. I think this might work better if it was a white Holga but … it is too late now. 😛 It is sitting on my desk and I’m hoping all the glue will dry well by tomorrow morning. Yeah … I’ve gotta hide it from Fitzand because he’ll sure want it because of the little teddy bears on it.

As for the back of the camera, I decided to keep it simple without all the protruding elements in case the new owner wants to use it.

Finally … while waiting for the collection of this Summer Holga tomorrow … I’d like to give a special thanks to ThirtySix for sponsoring the Holga.


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  2. i was shocked!!!!!! thats before i read… why ndroo like teddy bear? LOL

  3. @Mijonju : I’ll add a Facebook ‘LIKE’ button to make it easier for everyone. LOL. Thanks.

    @noreen : I do like teddy bears. Really! But of course not hold a camera like this in public! LOL!

  4. NICE! 😀

  5. Beary Nice!

  6. SWEET~~~ Lovely!

  7. very nice. so, super glue works best? i’ve got an extra Holga hanging around that i want to pimp out but not sure what will actually make stuff stick to that plastic.

  8. @Bryson, lawry & kaxdd : Thank you. 🙂

    @Jenni : Thank you too. Yeah super glue does work pretty well. I am actually using some cheap brand and it works perfectly too. Go dress up your Holga. Naked cameras suck! LOL! Merry Xmas!

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