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Ever since I mentioned in my blog that I bought the Kipon tilt adapter for my E-P1 … I got quite a number of emails asking me if it is of any good.

Honestly I replied those emails with a very vague answer. Hahaha! ‘I am not very sure’. Well it all depends on what we expect from it. Those who has used a real tilt-shift lens might not like it … while people with low expectations (like me) find it pretty interesting. So I added in those replies that based on the few test shots I did … it is pretty fun.

Then came Lensbaby with their Tilt Transformer. Before receiving the unit … I actually expected to be of more fun than the Kipon one. Why? That’s because the Tilt Transformer behaves much like a Lensbaby Composer. That means it can actually tilt way more than the Kipon one (don’t ask me how many degrees etc … because I don’t know). 😀

I remember doing some test shots with the Tilt Transformer but I somehow can’t find them on my HDD. Damn. 🙁 Anyway … so some new enquiries came asking which one is better … the Kipon or the Tilt Transformer. This question is way easier. The Lensbaby Tilt Transformer wins! Well … at least for me. Some were asking if I do have some comparison (photos) and I agreed to try take some (as comparison) but being a super busy (and often forgetful) person … I finally remembered to do it a while ago.

Sorry about the photo quality because I realised after shooting them that the el-cheapo Vivitar 19mm lens I used … had a filter on that had more fingerprints than you can find on crime scene. LOL! Anyway this ain’t about photo quality. It is just some simple test shots to see how different the two adapters can be. My test might not be really good or accurate but … ermm … what the heck? LOL! Here goes …

The photos on the left are shot using the Lensbaby and the ones on the right are shot using the Kipon.

* you can click on the image below to get to a larger version

The photos on the top row were with the lens tilted all the way to the left … while the bottom ones were with the lens tilted all the way up. Needless to say … the Lensbaby one allows you to tilt much more than the Kipon.

Which one to choose? You decide. 😀 My vote goes to the Lensbaby one because maybe I am a Lensbaby fan (bias!). 😀

Oh … by the way … both the Kipon and Tilt Transformer takes Nikon mount lenses.


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