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Okay … so after maybe half a million pints of beer just now … I still have to struggle to upload few snapshots from a birthday dinner (just an excuse) cum beer session with my family and a couple of friends from ThirtySix just now. What was supposed to be a simple short dinner with Fitzand and wifey … turned up to be a longer ‘dinner’ when Jimmy from ThirtySix buzzed me for a ermmm … ‘short’ celebration. I ain’t one who celebrate birthdays but how can one resist a beer session on his birthday? 😀 Oh … I guess I still ain’t drunk to announce that there will be a cool film from Impossible Project coming real soon! Hehehehe! Stay tuned to ThirtySix’s website or their Facebook page for more info. I am sober enough not to disclose more info but … I got a pack of the film as my birthday present! Bleah!!!!

No … this ain’t taken with the new film but being the ermmm … ‘birthday boy’ … I was forced to pose for the camera. Argh!!!

This is my 40th year on earth and strangely … despite noticing some of my friends being upset/worried that they have/are turning 40 … I don’t feel a thing. Hahaha! Okay … I hear some of you going ‘GROW UP!!!!!’ but to me it is just another day. Honestly … all I can feel today (or at the thought of turning 40) was … a title copied from an Oasis’s DVD … “Lord don’t slow me down”. 😀

Anyway … enough of that crap. My colleagues bought me a super yummy lunch at an Indian restaurant today as well as giving me a super surprise present! Hahahah! Something that got me really surprised and yet … worried at the same time. They bought me 4 bottles of beer!!!! One was in the fridge … all chilled to go … and they even planned to get someone bring the bottle cap opener!!! Damn! Cool!!! Hahaha! I downed a bottle of it before I left office and burped all the way home! Thank you boys & girls!

Jimmy from ThirtySix … the culprit who made me look like some criminal in the instant photo. Duh!

It is hard to see the photography addicts sit still and enjoy a dinner when they have their cameras (or their *(@&#(*@&#*(@ iPhones) around.

Of course little Fitzand was around during dinner. He was super excited when he heard that his favourite ‘jie jie’ (sister) Noreen was going to be joining us for dinner. 😀

Fitzand went home (just some steps away) around 10pm with his mommy because the big fat bad daddy wanted to stay on for a little while with his buddies.

Oh damn … it is almost 2am now!!! Time to go take a shower and sleep. I will end this post with a big THANK YOU to all those people who made this day really special for me and also a big thanks to all the friends on Facebook for the birthday wishes. Thank you!

Hmm … wait. I did get myself a present today. Hahahaha! I finally found a mint condition Pentax 77mm f1.8 Limited lens (the silver version) for my K-x. 😀 Wifey doesn’t really know what to get for me … so she told me to go get one myself. LOL!  I got a little ‘addicted’ to their ‘limited’ lenses after using the 43mm f1.9 one for some time now. Since the X100 is still on my KIV list … I bought a lens! 😀 I hope it will come in handy this Saturday when I bring the little one to the Disney On Ice show. 😉




  1. happy birthday, sir! 🙂

  2. Looks like great fun. I agree with you about 40 (which is still a year and 9 months away for me)….bring it on!! It means your 40 years SMARTER and besides, the only thing I’d like to regain about my 20’s is the lack of responsibility and energy level. I like being wiser. Happy 40th Photography Friend!

  3. @panelomo : Thank you, Sir! 😀

    @Jenni : Beer makes us forget how old we are eh? 😀 LOL! Thanks!

  4. happpyyy birthday!!!!…. u got a few more picture in the pop 9. LOL LOL

  5. Happy birthday!!! 😀

  6. @noreen : Thanks! More photos? Oh shit! Hahaha!

    @Jer : Thanks!

  7. So now your life has officially begun!
    Congratulations and Happy Birthday Andrew!

  8. Happy birthday 🙂 you wont regret the 77m have loads of fun with it 🙂

  9. @Ta : Just begun? You mean I’ve been dead all the while? Hahaha! Just joking. Thanks! 😀

    @dash : Thank you too. I’ve yet to put the 77mm to real test but I’m sure I’ll love it. 😀 Hope I’ll get to fire some test shots tomorrow. 🙂

  10. What kiv?! You’re just giving yourself excuses to buy more stuff!!!

  11. @cyanwater : Coz I am not sure if I still want one. Hahahaha! We’ll see … later on. What about you?

  12. wor.. dun expose wor.. ltd

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