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The response to the ’36 In 12′ challenge (part of the 36 Frames projects I did some time ago) that I posted a few days ago was awesome! I even lost track of how many people who are into this fun challenge but hey … that doesn’t matter. What matters most is that everyone who expressed interest to join the fun on this coming weekend … the 27th of March 2011 to be precise … shoots and send me their photos afterwards.

I get all stressed up when trying to type details … so I thought a simple diagram can explain better (hopefully) …


That’s it!

Let’s give each other some time to get the rolls developed/scanned. All images should reach me by 15 April 2011 … and I’ll go format some pages nicely to showcase your masterpieces. Fair? As I’ve mentioned in the earlier post … the compiled images will be presented daily in a blog entry … with each entry showcasing photos we take on a particular hour.

It doesn’t matter where you are. As long as you shoot them on the 27th March 2011 … starting from 9am on your part of the world … it will be awesome!

Excited already?

Okay? To make things simpler, you do not have to email me to let me know you are participating in this challenge. Sorry but I’m just too busy to manage the list now. Just drop me an email once you have sent the images to me after the challenge is over.

Do ask any questions should you have any doubt. Ok?

* Note : For those staying in Singapore/Malaysia and need me to give you a wake up call on that day … do let me know. Hahahaha! I did offer to call someone … but she told me she’ll make sure she wakes up early that day.

* More notes : Someone asked if they can use instant film. Of course you can (if it doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket). It will be super cool to see this challenge done using Impossible Project film but to burn 4 packs of them in a day … ermm … hurts my wallet. I’ll stick to 35mm. 😀 It doesn’t matter what film you use … as long as you shoot 3 photos an hour and have a total of 36 of them at 9pm that day … you’re a star! 😉


  1. nice! i’m up for it! 😀
    cant wait!

  2. Sounded fun. I’m in 🙂

  3. I’M READY~~~~~~~~~~

  4. So we’ll not see the full set of pics by the participants as a whole?

  5. @Bryson : Cool!

    @Ta : Great!

    @kaxdd : 4 days to go!

    @cyanwater : There will be individual galleries for each participant. Not feasible to put everyone’s photo into one single gallery as it will be way to many photos and that might affect performance when loading.

  6. Ic, ic….

  7. I’m gonna be using my bbf for the first time, any advice, andrew?, anyone?

    Thank you


  8. @Ta : Ermm … bbf? Nope. I own few of them but I don’t like using them. Hahahaha! I’m sure there are experts out there who can share some advise. 😀

  9. Why don’t you like using them???

  10. Well..I wasn’t too sure myself and with the trip to London tomorrow…you freak me out….hahaha
    I’ll go with my blue exacta 135 camera with the Diana F+ flash 😉

  11. @Ta : I ain’t too sure either. LOL. Maybe I haven’t really use it much. I think I’ve just shot a roll on it. 😀 I’ve yet to decide which cam to use though.

  12. i think I will pull out from this event. I dont hav any ideas.. ):

  13. @qiaozhi : awwww. But this is the easiest challenge. Just snap whatever you see or do tomorrow. Snapshots at their best. 😀

  14. i’m using a T4 camera with the focusing spoilt.. so it’ll get all blurry. lol

  15. i shot some films… how fast do you need the results and where to send to? please email, thaKNS

  16. hahaha
    and now i read what to do… stupid me…

  17. @ymmij : Well … at least you have photos. I have none. 🙁

    @memphisto19 : Cool! Will be waiting for your photos. 🙂

  18. will be uploading the entire album (all five films) today to my lomohome and send you a selection that fulfills the criteria best afterwards ;))

  19. @mephisto19 : Cool! Got it! Nice photos too!

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