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A test roll loaded into my Fujifilm Classica somehow took me ages to complete. Finally finished the last frame and sent it to the lab. Well … they are all random snapshots just to test if the camera is working fine.

So do I like the Classica? Hmmm … it is basically a very light but not too compact point & shoot camera that produces pretty sharp photos but perhaps I’m spoilt by the Klasse … so much so that I find the Classica feels too plastic. Don’t get me wrong. It is a very nice and good camera … it is just that the Klasse is way more solid (built) and feels much better in (my) hands.

I took a look at the white Classica I have and suddenly I was toying with the idea of selling it off since I have several similar compact cameras already. Hahaha! Nah … on 2nd thoughts … maybe I should keep it.

Lots of lots of random snapshots! 😀


  1. ohhh… no soul!!! i get u…

  2. @noreen : Hahahahaha! I told you! Yeah … soul has been missing. Time to catch it back. 😀

  3. you need black.

  4. @ymmij : You mean the Natura black f1.9 one? Nah! Hahaha! Sold it away ‘coz I didn’t like it. I just need my soul back. 😀 How about another can of Amsterdam(n)? 😀

  5. i recognise the place!

  6. @nelly : Somehow I had a feeling you would say that. Hahaha! When are we gonna do it again (going there I mean)?

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