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Happy Mothers’ day to every mother in the world! It has been a super duper ultra hot day and despite gulping a fair amount of icy cold beer … I am still thinking of (a bit) more now. 😀

Just came back from an early dinner with my family and friends … celebrating Mother’s Day this year at Jerry’s BBQ & Grill … eating … ermm … some not very healthy food (as usual).

As we left home a bit earlier, we brought Fitzand to the Animal Resort to let him feed the animals. He had a blast feeding the baby rabbits but he was complaining that they were nibbling a bit too slow. Hahaha!

Scratching his head wondering when will they finish the pack of carrot …

We didn’t have much time to spare, so I quickly took a couple of snapshots to cure my trigger-happy itch. Oh … I also managed to finish the last few shots from a roll in my SLR. Off to the lab tomorrow!!!


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