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It is a public holiday today and it has been a beautiful day so far. 😀 Just a quick entry to share this pano photo I took this morning. Click on it for a larger version.


  1. WOW!

  2. @Qiaozhi : You can actually see Queen Cyanwater in one of the blocks in front. 😉 Shhh! 😛

  3. Looks great, awesome clouds and a spotlight of sun the buildings.

  4. Looks great, awesome clouds and a spotlight of sun the buildings.

  5. @Nestor : Thanks. Just a lucky bonus for staying at home today. 😀

  6. Very nice!

  7. @Ta : Thanks. 🙂 Picked up any new toy lately? 😉

  8. This is so surreal! After looking at this photo, I do not want to buy a cam like yours…..I want to buy a home like yours! Time to buy 4D and strike a home!

  9. @Jer : Are you joking? I am also staying in a HDB flat. 😀 Just lucky to get one with a view and it didn’t cost me too much (compared to the current prices now).

  10. Nope….I want a home with good view! Mine is boring and I also have the feeling that the neighbours staying opposite are peeking in to my home……:S

  11. @Jer : Maybe your opposite neighbours are just admiring your pretty photos! Don’t worry! 😛

  12. Stop stalking me!!!

  13. @cyanwater : Don’t force me to post the photo I took using the 600mm + 2x teleconverter … from my window … across the park … to your bedroom window. *evil grin*

  14. post only if it is an INTERESTING photo! 😛

  15. @nelly : Ermm … it might be ‘interesting’ only to some. 😉 Want me to post it? Really???!!!

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