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Good news for all the Lomography/toy camera lovers here in Singapore! Just got notified by ThirtySix that they are having a super great sale from 10th June to 10th July 2011!

So what’s the bad news? The bad news is only for our wallets and credit cards! Hey … but then … why not? 😀

They are also having a ‘private film sale’ tonight at 8pm to 9pm. Hmm … maybe I’ll drop by, pick up a bucket of film and then get them to buy me a bucket of beer! The LC-A+ package sounds like one darn good deal but too bad I’ve already owned those for some time already.



  1. woah.great deal!

  2. Love the paper bag…is that real?

  3. @ichi : Yeah!!!

    @Ta : The paper bag? It is real but the real one is brown without those prints. The sticker to seal it (on top) that looks like a film strip is real too. 😀

  4. WIll there be any discount on the diana instant back?

  5. @Alexis : Ermm … I’m not sure. I’ve yet to find time to drop by. Perhaps you can call them up to check.

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