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Came across this super duper awesome DIY camera tutorial … to make a ‘Battlefield Pinhole Camera’ by photographer Steven Monteau and thought maybe some of you might wanna build something similar. I was going ‘whoaaaa!’ and itching to try it out but I’ve hardly got enough free time to work on these fun projects lately. 🙁

Anyway …

the camera takes 3 rolls of 35mm film and exposes them simultaneously! I’ve seen some photos taken with 2 35mm strips on a Holga but this one … 3 rolls … and a DIY camera … is simply amazing!

Check out the amazing DIY work here!



  1. You should have a go some time.
    I read that article few months back and thought it was very inspiring.

  2. @Bone : If only I have more free time … 🙁

  3. Wow…thats a nice product design but I never have the luxury of time to do it.

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