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I’ve not been updating my blog lately. No … not because I’ve given up on all this fun and picked up fishing or playing Chinese chess with those uncles at Chinatown. I recently took up a challenge to be in some photography/camera project that is scheduled to start in October and I’ve been spending time experimenting, trying to lose the last few strands of hair on my head … thinking of some new ideas & stuffs for it.

Today I received an email from the organizer telling me that there is a change of schedule and now my butt is on fire … having to finish my experiments/designs/photos etc … probably before October comes calling. That leaves me like a month but everything else in life is leaving me not much time … and to make that worse … I can only spare some hours during weekends to work on them. Arghh!!! Okay … that perhaps is a sign that I should get myself an expresso machine at home. 😀

Deadlines are nothing new to me. I’ve had tons of deadlines thrown my way at work. My boss usually looks at his phone and plucks some dates from thin air (does the darn Blackberry phones have such super application?!) … and shove it to me. Well … usually those are no big deal to me as I can cope pretty okay. However this project (non work related) I’m working on seem to be giving me more stress than ever. Hahahaha! Why? Okay … here’s a little clue. Part of the project involves experimenting with cameras/film. This means there will be lots of wasted time/film/hair involved. *sweat*

Pray for me. Pray that I’ll be able to meet the deadline and have something to share with everyone out there. Once that’s done, I’ll be on a week vacation with my family come mid October.


  1. may god bless u

  2. @norya : Hahahaha! You!!! I gotta start doing some serious work this weekend.

  3. Good luck! at least you have the vacation to look forward to!(:

  4. @PQ : Thanks for the encouragement. 🙂

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  6. You will sure get it done in time…

  7. @Ta : Appreciate your support. I am now trying to schedule bits & pieces of time from now til early October to work on it.

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