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Sometimes ideas come at the strangest moments. I sort of gave up trying to think of a new idea/design for the project mentioned in my previous blog entry and today … while out having brunch with some friends … my old brain suddenly went ‘zaaaaap!’ and I now have a pretty cool (I hope) idea for it! It is gonna take some effort (or rather … a lot of them) but I’m sure if it turns out well … it’s gonna be cool (I hope again)!

We had Japanese BBQ and my little boss was helping out just fine. 😀

I think I ate a quarter of a cow and washed them down with some beer.

I was playing with my Composer Pro again and managed some snaps today. We brought Fitzand down to Sentosa for the Buskers’ Festival and he had big fun there. My digital cam didn’t get to play there but I managed to finish almost a roll on the Bronica ETRsi (with 135W back). Luckily I used the pano back … otherwise I’d never be able to finish 36 exposures while entertaining the little one.

“I’ve got milk!”

“I’ve got a thirst!”

“I’ve got message!”

Time to go get some rest … and think about how I should go about completing my ‘work’ for the project. I downed 3 coffee today and still feel really sleepy now. 🙁 Anyone sponsoring me a Nespresso machine? 😀


  1. Intriguing….a new project? Is it going to be a group effort? If so, count me in!

  2. @Jenni : This one is an individual one (otherwise I wouldn’t be so worried). Hahaha. Let’s do a collab after October okay? I has been a while since I’ve done any doubles collab.

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