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It is finally (almost) here! The Impossible Lessons by ThirtySix … featuring some very interesting exhibitions (including some of mine of course … ahem …) that’s gonna be … like some like to say … ‘epic’. The exhibition is not just about the usual snapped photos … but a showcase of some very experimental and cool stuffs. Do drop by to support us okay?

*click on the below image for a larger version

It is a pleasure to be invited to join famous artist Noreen (aka miun), famous Lomographer Lawrence & Nic, the grandpa and grandma of Lomography Singapore … Cyanwater & Jimmy in this fun (and stressful) project. I can’t wait to go check out TM Wong‘s precious cameras too!


  1. […] is the guy who ‘saved my life’ by replacing me as the first to go for the Impossible Lessons series of exhibition. I can’t wait to see his set of very interesting macro works done in an instant […]

  2. WORHHHHH!!!! i cant wait to see TM WONG collection too!!!!

  3. What time will the sharing session be from? If I’m off on Wed, I might drop by in the afternoon.

  4. @norya : Yeah! That’s the bomb!!!

    @kaxdd : You can drop by anytime from noon til 8pm … from Mondays to Saturdays. See the stuffs. As most of us might not be able to be there (except maybe the masters Jimmy, Cindy & Noreen) … the ‘how to’ part will be made online later. That’s for the experimental part … but you have to be there to witness the real deal … like Mr. Wong’s awesome collection and the (ahem!) awesome (ahem!) designed cameras. 😛

  5. Cool~ Keep me posted on the time schedule! Would love to come by!

  6. @kaxdd : I don’t know when those masters are gonna be there but you can call to check. You just have to get your butt there to check out the photos. I’m sure you can see the ‘how to’ part later on … online (if you can’t get them on site). Remember to check out my ‘The Aftermath’ design and let me know what you think. Ok? 😛 Damn … shameless self promo. Lol.

  7. No worries! It’ll be so cool to see what camera you came up with after seeing all your stressful postings… Should be an awesome piece of work!

  8. @kaxdd : The camera … ermm … is … ermm … a mess. Really. LOL

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