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It has been on display at ThirtySix as part of the Impossible Lessons exhibition for almost a week already. This is the one camera I blogged about spending lots of time & effort on. After doing some pretty looking ‘dressed up’ cameras in the past, this one is a big change … as I was trying to beautify and then ‘uglify’ it.

Sorry about the lousy photos of it … as I could only shoot with one hand that day. It was hours before I delivered the camera to ThirtySix and I had just completed giving the wooden base a layer of paint. My hands were pretty messy and I had just enough time to take some snapshots.

What originally was an idea to make another pretty camera … one that looks like a red hot rally car … evolved into something totally different … as I wanted to ‘plant some rationale into it’. Go check it out at ThirtySix and if you have time … do come back and let me know what do you think through my head while I was doing it. 😀

Every little thing was planned and excuted … with some ‘accidents’ thrown in to make the process harder. I’ll blog about details on another day. I even had to spray paint the ’36’ on it as they were some gold colored (ugly!) numbers that people use to stick on their doors (as unit numbers).

Apart from this design of mine … you will get to see a couple of other very awesome designs there. I can’t wait to drop by to check out Noreen (aka Miun)’s work. I had the chance to take a peep at a small part of her work and I must tell you … it is awesome! The amount of work, time and details she put into it … puts mine to shame.


Please go support us by checking out out works at ThirtySix, okay? The exhibition will also include the fun and informative ‘Impossible Lessons’ which lasts til November. Admission is free … unless you end up buying something there. 😛



  1. Am I suppose to say awfully or awesomely COOL?

  2. Love it! But I think I still prefer the cleaner version of Noreen’s. ltd

  3. @Jer : Thanks

    @cyanwater : of course noreen’s is way better. Lol. I told her mine is hell while hers is heaven. Hers put mine to shame leh.

  4. I LOVE YOURS!!!!! im always a FAN of NDROO!!!!!!!

  5. @norya : That explains the hundreds of screaming girls downstairs last night. Hahaha! Stop pulling my leg! I will be at ThirtySix on Monday to check out your masterpiece. Can’t make it there today because we are gonna go attend Fitzand’s performance (some school event) later today.

  6. i think i smell chocolate cake?

  7. @mijonju : Hahaha! A fat boy who loves chocolate cake? Sounds familiar! 😀 Yeah the base does look like a yummy chocolate cake! 😀

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