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Three days away from home … three (painful) days without internet access … and I reached back here in Singapore with my email account flooded with mails, my blog guestbook flooded with few spam entries trying to sell me Viagra … and in that pile of unread emails … there were two pretty ‘deadly’ ones!

This first one is from a blog reader who asked if I’ll have a ‘sneak preview’ of a Holga panoramic camera (thanks, Erik!) Huh? I thought the pano camera was the old pinhole one but when I clicked the link … it was a totally newly designed camera. Holga shooting pano? Hmm … sounds fun … until I saw that it says ‘120’. Gosh … shooting 120 pano is so far something I’ve not been very tempted to do.


Lens Type:  90mm Optical
Focus Mode:  Adjustable / Zone Focus (Portrait/Small Group/Big Group/Infinity)
Flash:  2 x Standard Hotshoe
Native Film Format:  120 Medium Format
Aperture Settings:
Viewfinder:  Eye Level Direct
Tripod Mount:  Yes
Bulb (Long) Exposure:  Yes
Power:  No batteries required
Dimensions:  205x117x107mm
Weight:  250g
Accessories Included:  1 Take Up Spool, and 1 Strap
Shots/Roll:  6 (6 x 12cm)
Recommended Film:  ASA100 (Sunny) or ASA400 (Cloudy/Indoors)
Shutter:  Leaf, 1/100s

* Photos of the camera leeched from HolgaDirect’s website 😛

Check out more info (and buy) the Holga 120 Pano camera here.

Seems like I can resist checking out this pano camera for a while (shooting pano on 120 is quite a big time film burning hobby and I’ll continue to shoot pano with the 135W back on my Bronica ETRSi instead) but next came an email … this time from Lomography … and one look I saw trouble!

The golden version of the Diana F+!!! Yeah the Fisheye 2 looks sleek too but I ain’t gonna even consider getting one. As some of you might know … my trouble is with the Diana F+!!! Dead meat!!! Now I’ve gotta start seriously consider giving up collecting the variations of the Diana F+ if L0mography keeps churning out these different versions. Help!!!!!!!!!!!

Huh … ermm … the cameras come with gold chains as straps?!! Hahahaha! I’ll go get some rest now and hope I won’t wake up to find more troubles in my email.


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  2. gold diana. this is a must get. lol

  3. @ymmij : Yeah … yeah … and cyanwater will soon come in here and comment ‘Ok! Noted! Reserved one for you’. Right? Now when are you coming over to help me finish the 10 litre of beer and show me how to DIY develop my first roll of black & white film? Grrrr!

  4. I’ve reserved both the Gold Diana F+ and Holga Pan for you as agreed already.

  5. @cyanwater : What???!!! The Gold Diana is okay but … I can’t buy the Pan! I’m darn broke now! 🙁 Wait … is that an early Xmas present from you?

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