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It is great to be back home in Singapore after 5 days in Malaysia to celebrate the Lunar New Year with my folks. One of the coolest thing Β to happen during the trip was the delivery of my Pandacake … a character from the wooden Pecanpals series by designer Noferin. This is from the third and final edition of the Pecanpals … the monochrome edition. No prize for guessing why I choose Pandacake. πŸ˜›


This cute little wooden girl came in a very neat packaging.

I didn’t take her out while Fitzand was around (or he might just kidnap her) … so I took a peep and went ‘Huh! Who stole her camera!’. Luckily when I flipped open the box cover … the camera was there …

I was thinking I could replace her camera with the little Diana F+ keychain camera but then the Diana F+ one seems a bit too big for Pandacake.

She is sitting standing right next to my camera family in the cabinet now. I hope she finds new new home comfy. πŸ˜€

Pandacake (and the rest of her buddies) are available at The Street Mall online store here.

I’ve tons of digital photos taken during the 5 days in Malaysia. Hopefully I’ll be able to filter them and post some photos up in a day or two.


  1. The little camera she have is so adorable! ><

  2. @wynth : The little camera was the reason I picked Pandacake. πŸ˜€

  3. so cute!!!! i go your house steal that tiny camera!!!!
    and hor the prevent spam now is much better than the click on the hands up… LOL

  4. @norya : I will keep it in the safe tonite. Lol. U mean it is harder to click on the ‘raise hand’ icon compared to entering the Captcha codes???

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