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Personally … I think these are two of the most beautiful cameras Lomography ever created. Really! Now that’s my personal opinion … maybe because I love how raw they look. Lomography … why do you have to do this? Even if you have to do it … why do two of them at the same time?!!! I ain’t got a piggy in my Lomography account and I still need to keep some money for beer! Duh!

When I first saw the Coyote … I told myself ‘Okay … get this one!!!’ … then I scrolled further and saw … there is actually a ‘partner’ for it! The Belle Starr!

I know some will be laughing at me for being so foolish … spending money on different versions of a same camera … but … but …

I’ll call up ThirtySix tomorrow … then I’ll see which camera I can sell off to pay for these.


  1. THE BELLE STARRRRRRRRRRRR, the first skin for a camera i legit screamed out for. bloooody hell -_- Poison.

  2. @thenucleartomato : Hahahaha! Looks like I’m not the only one. 😛

  3. Buy buy buy!

  4. I admit I love the “old west” themes and these are the most attractive cameras to come from Lomo in awhile. I just cannot justify the price (to my wife). I will admire from afar.

  5. @Ta : … buy and join you in the damage repair session? Lol. How is your X1? Loving it?

    @Loewe : Tell the wife you need a present for Valentines 😉

  6. muahahahahahhaha!!!!!! u need cowboy hat?

  7. @norya : I need a gun.

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