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Happy Fathers’ Day!!!

Now time sure zap past real fast and it is another Fathers’ Day. It was just last year that I did a short video for the ‘Papa Amigo‘ feature in Lomography’s website.

This year Fitzand made me some lovely cards in school and yesterday we had an early celebration … having a hotpot lunch and some beer in the evening. I got wasted downing too much beer during Mothers’ Day … so this time … I had only 3 pints. 😛

Today I loaded a roll of Kentmere 400 black & white film into my long neglected Fisheye 2 and told Fitzand to pose with me for a couple of photos. Well … I don’t like to have my fat face in photos but hey … I’ve gotta make sure I appear in some photos with my son! 😀

It was supposed to be a couple of photos only but once Fitzand saw the Fisheye 2 camera … it was like he suddenly saw an old friend! Yeah … one of you reading this will know why! Right? Noreen? 😀 With the ring flash attached … Fitzand made sure I let him press the shutter button and after 2 photos … he refused to stop! I knew at that moment that this roll is gonna be … crazy!

So I decided to let him ‘play’ with the camera but he insisted that I pose with him. OMG!

If you are wondering … yeah … he was just wearing the spectacle frames without the lenses. I got the frame repaired last night after breaking it. The lenses are with the shop … getting mounted on a new frame. 🙁 In these photos … I was wearing an old pair of glasses … so temporarily … I can’t focus very well!!!

He made forced me to make all sorts of expressions! Now that’s torture for an old man!

I had to remove my glasses as it was getting a bit ‘violent’. I didn’t want to break this old pair of glasses … otherwise I might not be able to drive to work (or even work!) tomorrow. Hmm … wait … that might be a good idea after all!

I was getting a bit tired from making monkey faces after a while. Hahaha! Maybe it was already half a roll burned by then.

When I tried convincing him to stop … he insisted we continue. Then a wrestling match started and … you can see obviously who the winner was. 🙁

I’m gonna keep these photos and show it to him in a few years’ time … then I’ll kick his little butt for this!

Oooh! Arghhh! Ouch!! Nooo!!!

I wasn’t sure if continuing to shoot while I was being tortured was a good idea but now that I’ve got them scanned … I’m glad I did!

That’s all folks! The story of how a photography session turned violent. Kids … do not try this at home! This daddy is professionally trained to undergo torture (he goes through that 5 days a week!).

Happy Fathers’ Day!

Oooh … just in case anyone wants to know … I got a bit worried when I couldn’t find the development info when I wanted to develop the roll of Kentmere just now (I am using HC-110). Luckily some people on the internet mentioned that they used the Ilford HP5+ timing etc … and I took a risk … and the roll turned out fine. 🙂


  1. Happy Fathers’ Day! Really love the hilarious pics especially the ones you were being tortured! I LOL literally!

  2. Damn!!!! I knew u gonna mention the moment I saw that “old friend” !!!! This is really a great black and white on fisheye ive ever seen!!! Just when I start to get lazy and going for compact cam…. U made me itch for some fisheye again!!! I’m so love this set!!! It’s hilarious!!!

  3. These are great, ndroo! A fantastic photo session with the too-cute Fitz. Happy Daddy’s Day!

  4. @cyanwater : Now I know you’ve been waiting a long time to see me being tortured. Right?!!! 😀 Are you sending me some curry puffs for Fathers’ Day? 😀

    @Noreen : Thanks. Yeah … about time you pick up your Fisheye2!!! Where is the Fisheye Queen I used to know?

    @Jenni : Thanks! 🙂

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