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A trip to the zoo yesterday morning gave me the opportunity to give the Fujifilm X-S1 a test drive. Not one who usually use (or see the need) of a tele lens … I found myself struggling to find subjects to shoot just to test out the camera. The zoo outing was a perfect opportunity to zoom in close to the animals!

The 24-624mm lens on the X-S1 sounds perfect as a camera for everything including a 1mm close super macro mode. Will this be the travel camera I’ve always wanted?

One thing for sure … the camera sure ain’t compact. It is probably similar size as many of those entry level DSLRs out there but the ‘one lens doing it all’ and the pretty impressive sensor (same as the X10) made me pick this cam up with the money I got back from selling the 18mm lens (for X-Pro1).

What I’ve not been doing for ages … macro! 😀

Results from zooming (and sometimes all the way to 624mm) is pretty good. I must admit these are probably just a handful out of a bunch of shots I took yesterday … with the rest either blurred due to handshake or when auto focus doesn’t cooperate. Precise auto focusing is sometimes a hit or miss thing with this cammie. Hope some firmware update can give more accuracy when autofocusing at max zoom soon! Still I’m satisfied with what the X-S1 can deliver at full zoom. It will cost me many many times more to have the same focal length on a lens for my DSLR.

We were lucky it wasn’t too hot yesterday but then the much needed lighting ‘forced’ me to pump up the ISO. Many of these were shot at ISO 800 and 1600. Not too bad eh?

Going wide at 24mm … great fun to use! AF is very fast!

Of course the test drive includes some snapshots of Fitzand …

Maybe I’m spoiled by the X100 and X-Pro1 … honestly at first I was a little disappointed by the photos. Then I came to terms with the fact that this is a ‘all in one’ camera and I shouldn’t be trying to compare it with the other 2 big brothers (with prime lenses). 😀

The X-S1 will definitely be my travel companion … probably along with the X-Pro1. Now all I need is to make the 2 vacations I’m planning to take this year come true.

Oh … here’s another that I took from my window … during the national day parade rehearsal.

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