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AB Version? Yeah … AB = All Black!

After giving a steriod shot to my X-Pro1 yesterday … in the form a version 2.0 firmware update from Fujifilm … I’m loving the camera even more. Frankly in the past (before the update), although the autofocusing is a little on the slow side … it wasn’t really a problem to me. Like I said many times before … any camera that can allow me to capture decent images of my boy (who is always moving!) is fast enough. 😀 The update seemed to have made the camera autofocus way faster and writing speed to the card has increased lots!

Quite rare to find myself liking a camera this much that I even told myself that this will be one I’ll be keeping for a long time. Some months ago, after reading and seeing some images of people trying to ‘black out’ those glaring white logos and prints on the camera (top) … I decided to give it a try. Not that I am really bothered with those white text and logos but since I’ve not much time to go out shooting lately … I decided to do it (blacking out the white text and logo) for fun.

It all started with the word ‘X-Pro1’ and eventually I got crazy and soon everything on top of the camera turned black. Hahaha! Now I’ll have problem selling it off even if I want to!

The exposure compensation dial looks weird in this photo above but the real thing is perfectly fine.

Since the 35mm lens is a wonderful one that I’ll be keeping … this crazy idea of turning the prints on the aperturing ring black came and after some careful work with a permanent marker (fine tip) … almost everything on the top and front of the camera turned black!

The most challenging part … the front of the lens! One mistake and there’ll be some black stripes on the glass! 😀

I left those white prints on the back … ermm …. white. That’s because I do not want to struggle with trying to recall which button does what when comes to shooting. My old brain ain’t that good at remembering things now!

Although I’ve been shooting (and blogging) more on digital photography recently, I’ve not given up on shooting with film! It is just that the lack of time that’s holding me back from finishing the few rolls loaded into different cameras. To prove that I’m not about to leave the fun of shooting film … I even picked up an old film SLR today. Yeah … a camera that I’ve been eyeing for a while … the Pentax MZ-S. I’ve been waiting for a silver version to appear in the used market but no luck. So I bought this black version that’s just been CLA-ed and had the shutter replaced not long ago and paired it with a black 50mm f1.4 lens. I promised myself to finish a test roll this weekend!


Guess I’ll leave the 50mm on it permanently. 😀

Sexy dials!

Just like the Nikon 35ti compact … this camera looks best when viewed from top. 😛

I was expecting the MZ-S to be pretty big but it turned out to be a pretty compact SLR! Check out the size comparison with a LC-A+.

A roll of Solaris 200 has been loaded in it … waiting for the weekend (which seems to be a few hundred days away!).

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  1. Following some questions I got about what permanent marker I used to ‘black out’ the while prints … it is a Pilot brand permanent marker that says ‘extra fine tip’. Guess you need a fine tip to be able to access the little letters/numbers without creating a mess.