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Edge 80 Rocks!

Written by • Mar 25th, 2012 • Category: Digital stuffs
Cheesy title … I know. 😀 Here’s a quick entry and some random photos I took with the Lensbaby Edge 80 today when taking a rest entertaining Fitzand. He’s been very proud of his new pair of shades I bought him yesterday and wanted me to take some photos of him with it on. He grabbed his guitar and started to rock & roll … We left the shades in his bag and guess what … this morning when I picked him up after his music class … he proudly… >> read more

Rides, Birthday, Ice

Written by • Mar 18th, 2012 • Category: Digital stuffs
Since the childcare/kindergarten was closed on last Friday and I was on leave to look after Fitzand … I took him for a very hot day at the Universal Studios Singapore. He had lots of fun especially at the Transformers ride which he had been looking forward to. Fitzand got to experience 3D and 4D for the first time during those rides. It was funny seeing him go ‘Huh! Daddy! Is that saliva?!’ when a character sneezed and water sprinkled on us. Ermm … Mr Funny suddenly gave me the… >> read more

The Bumblebee Cam

Written by • Mar 3rd, 2012 • Category: Toys
The boxy and pretty weird looking Pentax K-01 arrived in stores yesterday and after breakfast today … I dragged Fitzand along to the shop to pick up a set. Not sure if it was a right thing to bring him along because what originally was supposed to be a black version … ended up … yellow. That’s just because I asked to take a look at the yellow one and Fitzand’s eyes suddenly went all time big and went ‘Daddy! This one nice! Bumblebee (blame Transformers!) camera! Buy this one!’.… >> read more

Five Already!

Written by • Jan 6th, 2012 • Category: Digital stuffs
In a blink of an eye … Fitzand turned 5 yesterday. Instead of the usual day off on his birthday, he told me that he wanted to celebrate it in school with his friends there and thus we prepared some goodie bags and ordered cake for him to have some good time with his buddies there. As we brought him for the Dinosaurs Live! exhibition last weekend, he didn’t bug us to bring him to the zoo this birthday. We used to bring him to the zoo for some big… >> read more

Merry Christmas!

Written by • Dec 25th, 2011 • Category: Digital stuffs
Merry Christmas everyone! It has been raining these couple of days and a cooling Christmas this is, but I’m sure everyone is having lots of fun. Since Christmas this year falls on a Sunday … it will be a super-duper-fun non-working day tomorrow! While Fitzand is taking his nap … I’ll post some snapshots I took these couple of days before heading out to a friend’s place for dinner. These portraits were randomly shot yesterday while playing with him yesterday. He told me to send the photos as Christmas cards… >> read more

Boogie Boy

Written by • Dec 19th, 2011 • Category: Digital stuffs
Dug this very short video out from my notebook last night while doing some housekeeping on the hard disk. Added some music and here it is. I shot this during our trip to Hong Kong some months back. 😀… >> read more

Ello Elephant!

Written by • Nov 29th, 2011 • Category: Others
The Elephant Parade is here and when we were out shopping last weekend, after checking out the numerous awesome designs (on the elephants) … Fitzand was attracted by a mini elephant sculpture painting activity in a corner. Luckily he preferred to paint one at home … otherwise I might have to wait there for hours before he can finish one. That is if he has the patience to sit there that long. Anyway … we picked up a blank elephant sculpture and headed home. I saved ten bucks because we… >> read more

Splashy Morning

Written by • Nov 26th, 2011 • Category: Digital stuffs
Spent half a day at a pool with Fitzand and some of his classmates today. The school/childcare will be organizing swimming lessons for the kiddos next year and this morning was an intro course to let the parents know what the kiddos will be doing. Of course my little boss was super happy and even refused to leave after the session ended after lunch. Bet me must be looking forward to the lessons. Knowing him … it will not be just boring lessons … as he will definitely be clowning… >> read more

LomoKino : Roll 2

Written by • Nov 9th, 2011 • Category: Fun with film
Finally here it is … the ‘movie’ from the 2nd roll of film in the LomoKino. This time it is an expired roll of Fujifilm ISO 800 negatives. Luckily there is an f11 setting on the cam … otherwise it would be too bright to shoot at that film speed on the cloudy evening. Of course the main ‘actor’ was my little boy again. 😀 One thing for sure … the LomoKino is fun!!! I’ve to refrain from being trigger happy with this little fella or I’ll go broke real… >> read more

LomoKino : First Look

Written by • Nov 8th, 2011 • Category: Fun with film
Burned two rolls of film on my LomoKino today (too excited to try it!) and finally I have my first LomoKino movie to share. I’ll upload the other one in a day or two. As I didn’t really read the details/specifications of the LomoKino … I was a little surprised how fast you can actually burn a roll! Yeah … probably in like 30 seconds or so if you continue shooting. Ouch! Guess I’ll go hunt for some cheap expired film to play then! I forgot to bring along some… >> read more