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Things got a little worrying this morning because Fitzand was all ready to go for a picnic with us and after yesterday morning’s super crazy heavy rain … we were really worried it might pour again. Luckily (very!) not a drop of rain was in sight and so we packed our stuffs and went for half a day of fun at the Botanical Gardens.

One of the reason why Fitzand wasn’t in the tent most of the time 😀 Cookies!!!

Fitzand brought along his new tent, a ball, some sea creatures (toys!) and also a few of his ‘friends’. It was really funny how he ended up slacking outside (lure of the yummies!) while his ‘friend’s were left ‘sleeping’ in the tent.

Before my fat butt could warm up the patch of grass beneath it … the little one got me up and *cough* running … kicking ball with him. He loves kicking the ball around while his fat old daddy has to run (all over!) going after the ball. Oh man …

After he got tired (imagine the state that daddy was in by that time!), it was time to play ‘baseball’! Okay … so the ball is a bit too big and there wasn’t a real bat available … but he still had big fun.

We left that place after lunch and it was pretty darn hot already. We all had fun and Fitzand told me that he doesn’t wanna go the same place for picnic tomorrow. I asked him why (since he was enjoying it) and he told me that he want’s to go to the AMK Hub (shopping mall near our block) for picnic. Hahaha! Then he added ‘because it is cold there’. LOL! Guess he couldn’t stand the heat at that time (noon!) and wanted to have his next picnic in a place with air con. Hmm … I’ll try bring a mini fan next time.

I had my Spinner 360 with me … I had my Holga and Rensha Cardia with me … I had my Harinezumi with me … but I didn’t manage to finish a single roll on either one of them. Hahaha! Just a few shots with each cam (except the Zumi). Gosh … I sure do need some time off for photos but spending time with Fitzand is my priority now. Perhaps I should take a couple of days off soon … for some fun with my cameras before I lose my mind.


  1. today’s weather was great indeed! unfortunately I was stuck at home. 🙁 Hoping next week I’ll have my chance!

  2. awww nice daddy!!!
    lol at what fitzand said about wanting a cooler place for picnic. XD
    but weather is really very hot. =3=;;

  3. Time to get fit! Fitzand will be your motivation!

  4. @nelly : I’m sure there’s always a next weekend waiting for you. Hey maybe one of these weekends we should do a short outing with the kids. We can burn some film (and cards) shooting them at play!

    @Vonz : Thanks. Hahaha! Yeah … picnic at the mall doesn’t sound too bad an idea eh?

    @kaxdd : Ermm … I’ve been doing this for years but still ermm … I’m maintaining my shape very well. LOL! Round shape that is. 😛

  5. yea…sounds like a good idea…let’s see how things go.

  6. you bought the spinner 360?

  7. @sally : Yeah. Problem is I haven’t even finish shooting the 1st roll. 😛

  8. Gosh…is your energy coming from the beer that you drank? I am still having the problem to struggle to wake up for weekend’s morning activities….ZZZzzz…

  9. @Jer : It’s all in the mind … all in the mind. Hahhaha! Perhaps powered a little by the beer. 😛

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